The first superstar produced by the Breakbeat Jungle movement, Goldie popularized Drum & Bass as a form of musical expression as relevant for living-room contemplation as Techno had become by the early ’90s. Goldie became one of the first personalities in the UK Drum & Bass scene. His gold teeth and B-boy attitude placed him leagues away from the faceless bedroom BOFFINS that had become the norm in Intelligent dance music. For the first time, England had a beat maestro and tough-guy head who could match the scores of larger than life hip-hop stars America had produced, and the high profile of Drum & Bass, as the first indigenously British dance music made Goldie a figure of prime importance

Featuring 2 Rooms With Local Support From:

SMALLS – 3D | Breaks/Dubstep
BLAZE ONE – Tribalistix | DnB/Dubstep
KAOTIX – Tribalistix | DnB/Dubstep
RENDER ONE – Bass Tasty | DnB
JESSFX – 3D/Essense | Dubstep
SASHWAT – 3D/Dank N Dirty Dubs | Dubstep

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9:00 PM – 2:00 AM


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3D Productions Presents Goldie at Ultra Bar Washington DC Promo DJ Smalls by DJSmallsdc

911 F Street Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20004
(202) 638-4663

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  1. will be there…. but whoever wrote the description, fix up. Hardly any of the producers from back in the day fit the bedroom nerd genre!

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