Cedric Gervais at Glow Washington DC, held at Fur Nightclub DC

Cedric Gervais at Glow Washington DC, held at Fur Nightclub DC

While close friends know him by the nickname, “Ced”, others know him by his residency at Space Miami and his sexy sound. If Cedric Gervais wasn’t touring and loving this DJ persona and lifestyle, you would see Cedric playing professional soccer. I only had a few minutes to catch up with Miami resident Cedric Gervais on his new productions, what 2010 has in store for him and his thoughts on playing in the Nation’s Capital.

When I ask him about his “Hot out of the Studio” productions, Cedric instantly gleams about his latest single released called, “Love is The Answer”, which featured R’n’B singer, Mya. Cedric tells me of his newest projects right around conference time in March.  “I have a new, full-length studio album coming out on Ultra Records titled, Miamication that should be released right after WMC. I am extremely pleased with the cover story in the February 2010 issue of DJ Times Magazine and I talk about a lot of the production techniques I used to record the album in that story. The singles I recently released, “Mauri’s Dream” and “Disclaimer” have also gotten huge support from other DJs and are a big hit on the dance floor.I heard that even Pete Tong has been religiously giving “Mauri’s Dream” playtime.

For Cedric he gets excited every time he comes to DC.  “Every city has its own flavor depending upon local tastes, and the crowds in D.C. are very international. I love that they’re so open to new sounds and I always have really great club nights when I play CLUB GLOW. My agency (Bullitt Bookings) is also headquartered in the District. so I really understand the club scene there. There’s something exciting about playing a great [DJ] gig in the nation’s capital.

Even though Cedric is busy he tells me, “I try to get back into town as often as possible. The challenge is that I’m usually booked solid in other cities around North America and the world, so it’s a matter of timing for my agents and management to work out.

As time runs out with this Frenchman, he leaves me with four words to describe him: “Passionate. Energetic. Workaholic. Optimistic.

Check out Cedric Gervais at Glow at Fur Nightclub DC for more information on Cedric’s stop in DC this Saturday, January 30th.

For more information on Cedric Gervais, you can visit www.myspace.com/cedricgervais and www.cedricgervais.com.

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