The only thing this Israeli artist is a slave to is the music. Heralded by DJ Magazine as having sets ‘full with warm and unique sounds that make you feel like you are going back to the better days of music,’ this master of techno and house is sure to rip Lima Restaurant & Lounge a new one.

Heavily influenced by the 90’s Tel Aviv underground, Shlomi Aber began throwing parties in his parents’ garage at the age of 14. His story is one that could happen to anyone; a prime of example of what hard work and dedication can manifest into. From the garage to the dark techno venues of Tel Aviv to the international circuit, Shlomi has worked hard to develop his own identity. When you can’t classify a DJ under any one genre, you know he’s good. It’s a sign of true artistic mobility. Aber’s fusion of funky techno with house and electronica is quite simply, cooler than the other side of the pillow. If anyone could make music that was both smooth and bouncy at the same time, it’s Shlomi Aber. His personal philosophy on music productions is that “no matter if it’s hard or soft, it just needs to touch your mind, body and soul at the same time. That’s what I call a ‘Good Record’.” For a better idea of what he means and some insight into what tonight has in store, visit Aber’s myspace (

Club Glow is held every Thursday night at Lima Restaurant and Lounge and every Saturday at Fur Nightclub. For the past 11 years, Glow has brought the biggest names in electronic dance music to the best DC nightclubs, and is the leader in DC Nightlife.

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