We could use a whole bunch of pretty adjectives to describe how amazing he is. We could list the number of sold out shows he’s done in DC. We could even discuss his residency at Glow 8 years ago. However, the only thing we really need to mention about Armin van Buuren is that he’s the world’s #1 DJ, three years running. Put it all together and you have the definition of what will without question be a truly epic night. On the verge of the 450th episode of his award winning radio show “A State of Trance,” Armin is guaranteed to delight, excite and ignite.

As previously stated, we could write page after page of glowing preview for Armin @ Glow this Tuesday, but you already know the deal. This is Armin van Buuren folks, the people’s champ, a fan’s DJ, the man who brought you Communication, Shivers, Exhale w/ System F, This World is Watching Me w/ Rank 1 and Kush, Going Wrong and amazing remixes of Rapture, 7 Cities and the list goes on and on and on and on!!! It’s almost too much to handle thinking about how amazing Tuesday night at Fur will be. It’s actually better to just not think about it and purchase your tickets now. Seriously. Stop reading and go order your ticket, now. Do it!!

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  1. Matt says:

    A most epic show that Armin put on. Once again, showing every audience why he is the #1 DJ.

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