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The large majority of electronic producer/Djs do in fact need introductions when it comes to the mainstream. Sure, WE all know who Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Hernan Cattaneo and Steve Angello are. Most of us even know guys like Lee Burridge, Richie Hawtin, Nic Fanciulli and Sven Vath. But most of our friends just shrug and take our word for it that these guys are musical beasts.

EVERYONE knows David Guetta. How is it that this French DJ rose from the Paris underground to the top of the billboard charts not only in Europe, but on every top 40 radio station in the US? Since when was house music simultaneously pop music in America? What happened?

Upon closer examination we find that Guetta’s love affair with with rap music bore fruit nearly 2 decades ago with his first official release, “Nation Rap” with Sidney. Keep that in mind.

Throughout the 90’s he performed throughout France spinning “sexy French house” as he loves to say, and building his reputation. Guetta’s producing career came to full bloom in 2001, coinciding with his founding of Gum Records with fellow Frenchman Joachim Garraud. With the release of his first hit single “Just a Little More Love” with Chris Willis, Guetta established what came to be his trademark sound of upbeat, wild, bouncy, sexy french house music.

The foundation had been built and Guetta made his house out of sturdy bricks like “Love Don’t Let Me Go” (2002) and “The World Is Mine” (2004). It was probably circa 2005-2006 that Guetta’s music began popping up in certain college bars across America (if the DJ was on his game). All those sorority girls going wild to that awesome ‘techno’ music was all because of David. But they didn’t care about the artist, they just wanted to pump their fists and dance on the bar.

And then came One Love. David’s 4th album allowed him to come full circle and return to “Nation Rap.” With tracks featuring Kelly Rowland, Kid Cudi, Estelle and Akon, plus his production of the Black Eyed Peas’ hit “I Gotta Feeling,” Guetta had finally done it. It may be a bold assertion, but it seems that David Guetta has brought house music to the US mainstream. And that is not a bad thing, provided artistic integrity is maintained. But with his recent release “Grrr” on Toolroom Reocrds, Guetta has made a firm declaration that he can work with pop stars and continue to produce straight house bangers, and combine the two.

The most inspiring part of Guetta’s success from a fan’s perspective is something he said in a backstage interview after receiving the 2010 Grammy for Best Remix…

Question: “In between working with everyone producing, remixing and recording, are you still going to spin in clubs? Are you still going to try and DJ?”

Guetta: (cutting off interviewer mid question) “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I’m a DJ first! I’m a deee jaaayy first, before being a producer, because all my inspiration comes from those on the ground at clubs. Everything comes from that. Me being a DJ.”

We are now starting to see a revolution, a fusion, a growing seed. Planted long ago by artists such as Mr. C when he was with The Shaman and continued throughout the 90’s by groups like Snap! and even today by MC Flipside. But the hip-house of then and what David Guetta is doing now differ in so many ways. Guetta has brought that dirty, gritty aspect of house, coupled it with his off the charts marketability and star power and smashed it together with American superstars. Even Tiesto has jumped in the mix, producing “Feel It” with Three 6 Mafia, Flo-Rida and Sean Kingston.

David Guetta did it!! House music is popular because it deserves to be, not because major record labels and top 40 radio stations tell us so. Only because of David Guetta can someone even mention Ferry, Sven Vath, Flo-Rida and Akon in the same article. Imagine 5 years from now, the number 1 MTV music video might belong to Mat Zo, Axwell, or Sebastian Ingrosso, but none of it would have happened without David Guetta and his sexy french house.

Look for Guetta’s newest releases including “Revolver” with Madonna and Lil Wayne, as well as collaborations with Flo-Rida, Kelis and another one with Kelly Rowland.

Guetta’s shows at GLOW Washington DC always sell out. No DC Nightclub is large enough to fit all of David’s fans. Don’t miss this show; purchase you tickets now at GLOW WASHINGTON DC.

Ravi Bayanker

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