Glow and Funkagenda seriously rocked out Satuday night. If you have yet to experience a Toolroom party you’re seriously missing out. And if you’re a sneaker head?? Oh man, you need to hit up Funkagenda on Twitter or something. He waits in long lines for limited editions, just like you. In fact, he was the 2nd person in England to have a pair from the Adidas Star Wars collection.

The funky one is used to performing before thousands. His Ableton sets are designed to come hard out of the gate. “I don’t often get a chance to just groove,” he commented, “I felt like I could do a warm up set for a bit and it was really quite nice.” He discussed how DJing with Ableton allows him to play a variety of loops and re-edits. “People ask me what remix of this and mash-up of that I played, but I don’t even know! It’s all edits and re-edits.” We were very privileged Saturday night to experience Funkagenda using both Ableton and CDJs to provide a ‘best of both worlds’ experience.

As mentioned, Funkagenda started off with what else? some serious funk. He pushed the crowd with groovy beats, looking for “the shortest distance between standing still and moving your feet.” Using Ableton, Funker was able to put Cirez D – On/Off underneath beautiful vocals, the vocals from Calvin Harris – Flashback on top of some dirty house, and as the night progressed, he began marching to that unmistakable Toolroom vibe. He dropped a re-edit of Axwell – I Found You, mixed Mark Knight, D. Ramirez and Underworld’s amazing track ‘Downpipe,’ as well as the bass line from The White Stripes – 7 Nation Army. His personal favorite of the evening was ‘Nex’ by Weekend Heroes. The highlights of the evening were easily ‘Man With the Red Face,” and after a lengthy tease early on, “What the Fuck.”

Funkagenda wants Glow to know, his kicks involve more than just bass. Sure he lets the bass kick, but those kicks he was rockin’ had some serious bass. Yeeaaaahhhh. Glow has been at the forefront of electronic dance music in Washington, DC for over 10 years. Experience Glow every Thursday night at Lima Restaurant & Lounge and every Saturday night at Fur Nightclub

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