Sweden rules house at the moment. With notable names like Angello, Ingrosso, Axwell, Schossow, Prydz, Beyer, and Dahlback, it’s not really a huge surprise. At age 24, John Dahlback already has 2 albums to his credit as well as the Pikadol label.

His latest venture, ‘Mutants,’ is a label he’ll be using to showcase his work and the work of those who inspire him. It seems that he’s very open about receiving tracks from anyone.

“If you were to send me a track and I liked it and it had the ‘Mutants’ feeling then I could release it. It doesn’t have to come from the hottest artists of the moment.”

The first ‘Mutants’ release is by John himself and named after the label. It includes his own tracks as well as those of other artists.

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