Mark "Knightrides" in for Gloween

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For Mark Knight, 2010 has been extremely rewarding and busy with a schedule of tours combined with studio time, and to think this all started with a Grammy nomination at the beginning of the year.  His tour schedule normally consists of his five to seven hour Toolroom Knights residencies at Ministry of Sound-London, Pacha-New York and Space-Miami. “I really get a chance to express myself musically playing for longer. Don’t get me wrong – two hour sets are cool, but I find them somewhat limiting, as I don’t really get an opportunity to convey my full musical personality.

One project that has been finalized and already released is his latest Toolroom Knights 3.0 album. Mark Knight gave me the inside scoop on the idea behind this installment.  “The compilation is a real statement of where I’m at musically right now. I wanted to follow a similar format that I’ve done in the past with the other two comps and create a musical journey on both CD’s. I really feel a mix compilation should tell a story and have a start, middle and end – not just a collection of big club tracks. This compilation includes lots of my own material (productions and remixes) in fact there are two exclusive tracks on there that I wrote specifically for this album (Natural Instinct & Headers & Volleys), as well as the track I co-produced with Faithless ‘Sun To Me’ – not available to download anywhere else. Grab a copy from iTunes:”

Mark’s studio time is quite portable these days and you can’t blame him with his peripatetic lifestyle.   His best mate seems to be his MAC laptop, which he uses every available minute, second to start or finish a track.  Mark lets me in on an average week in his current life, “If I’m not away on tour I like to keep as much structure as possible to my working week, so I’ll get into the office/studio for 9.30am and work through to 7.30/8pm (sometimes later). I have to split my time, balancing various roles within the week between A&R and the things that surround Toolroom – I like to have a hands-on approach with the musical directive of the label. Then of course there’s producing music and maintaining a consistency of high quality output which is key to being on top of your game. I need to make time to prepare my sets and everything that goes with the weekend gigs, doing re-edits and sourcing new music etc. I also have to set time aside each week to do research and record my Toolroom Knights radio show. All this while trying to maintain as much of a balanced life, which I have learned over the years is really important to make all the other things work. I’m really fortunate to have a great team around me, to make the whole thing possible.”

His MAC isn’t the only thing Mark loves to use on his tour, he also has to have his “’Com de Garcon’ – because it makes you smell nice and Twitter – the new on line version of crack.”

Mark lets us in on a new monster track he is producing with none other than Tijs (Tiesto).  He has been testing it throughout his summer travels.  The time is drawing near and which Mark will completely spill the beans on this mystery song. There are other releases from Toolroom Knights, Michael Woods, D.Ramirez and EDX. As Mark says, “There are also loads of underground gems on the horizon from Gabriella Rocha, Uner and Loko. Also, as mentioned above my new Toolroom Knights compilation vol. 3 is out now and includes the exclusive track ‘Sun To Me’, which I co-produced with Faithless.”

Mark can’t wait to come to ‘GLOWEEN’ and hopefully this city will be added to his top running favorite lists.  In closing, Mark leaves us with his word of advice to artists and producers, “Work hard because you get nothing for nothing.”

-Dee Sanae

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Mark Knight Trailer for Toolroom 3.0

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