"I get to see music not just from the eyes of a DJ but from the eyes of a clubber." –Markus Schulz

Everyone wants to be something when they grow up. For a little boy born in a town called Eschwege, Germany, Markus realizes now ,in adulthood, that his life has travelled beyond his imagination. DJ Mag 2009 votes marked him a lofty spot at number 8. Globe-trotting went from a daydream to physical actuality with his career of DJing, starting his record label, Coldharbour, and Schulz’s Global DJ Broadcast. Let’s focus on GDJB for a moment, which inevitably became his conduit to how the rest of the world would embrace music. His layovers in different cities were broadcasted via his internet radio show and shared with anyone who had a computer and a connection to cyberspace. Markus highlights other tracks that are making people dance on his show and gives supports to the future of dance music.

Markus Schulz performing in concert live at Glow Washington DC fur nightclubs in dc

Markus Schulz performing live at GLOW back in September

Projects, releases and a new artist album are on the agenda and will be completed by this summer. Las Vegas is the next metropolitan CD release in the series that is out on Armada Music. His decision to pick this city was based on its renovation of LV nightlife. “Vegas has reinvented itself. It has always had a strong clubbing culture. Back in the day it used to be a rave city, actually a most massive rave scene. But the ones [promoters] that used to come pick me up in raver t-shirts and UFO pants…They have grown up, and now run the clubs. They are responsible for transforming the clubbing scene to an international Mecca. Now DJs come in from all over the world, not just California.” With Vegas already having the entertainment substructure with world-class shows, it makes it easier for it to be a remarkable bash. “It’s nothing new to host big shows like that, with promotions, hospitality… It’s one big party. The party doesn’t end in Vegas when the music and the club closes.” One of Markus’s inspirations came in the form of his single on this mixed CD titled, Sin City. He used his alter ego, Dakota (This came from the street he lived on in Arizona). “When I think of music for Las Vegas, it’s multidimensional. I make it accessible to clubbers and stiletto heels.” For Dakota, there will be a second album release in 2011. So keep your eyes peeled.

DJ Markus Schulz playing live in concert on the turntables on the dj stage at club glow nightclub washington dc nightclubs at fur nightclub dc host of the global dj broadcast sirius xm

Markus Schulz loves playing at DC Clubs

Markus does have something to say about DC as we elaborate on his city travels. “It has a small town vibe, but it’s a world-class clubbing area. Everytime I go there, it feels like a family. I feel honored that the DC scene has embraced me.”

“Dark Heart Waiting” is Markus’s latest single and work with Los Angeles based singer, Khaz. “This song talks about the darkness inside of you, everyone has their dark side and trying not to fall into demons. You try to fight them off and to be quite honest with you, that’s how I feel, is a big part of me too. It’s an everyday battle with people.” Markus admits to me that one of his battles is depression, which is quite a common daily struggle for people in general. When he goes to the club and everyone is really into the music he tells me, “It’s hard for people to think of their problems because you are part of the whole atmosphere and having a good time.” The debut of this single will be out during WMC.

DJ and Producer Markus Schulz DJs live at club glow washington dc in concert live performance

The best DC Nightlife, brought to you by GLOW

The interview quickly turned into one that people rarely get to see when they look at Markus Schulz. He is one filled with inspirations and wants to continue to pass that along to generations to come. With his many ventures he remains true to that by supporting new talents on his label and using it as a springboard for talents like, Rex Mundi, tyDi from Australia, and Lentos (Barnes and Heathcliff). “Rex is very talented and supported by Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren. Tidy won the bedroom DJ contest about 5 or 6 years ago. I am very proud of him. Lentos remixed my Dakota track, “Johnny the Fox” and they have some original stuff out there that’s doing great.” When I asked him about his experience with his global experience, Markus shares his innermost feelings, “I think that I have become a citizen of the world and I feel like I’m at home when I am in those countries. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the Middle East, North America, Europe, or South America. I am a chameleon when it comes to different cultures. I can brand my radio show and expose other people that don’t get to travel and experience the vibe in a club in Asia or Australia ,for example. My goal is to show people that the world isn’t much different in relation to music. I want to inspire the next generation of artists, and hand down my vision, and have them take it to another level. The beauty of dance music and instrumental music is that it is open for interpretation. Markus’s personal influence came from Larry Levan and Danny Tenaglia, handing over a distinctive movement adding their persona to music.

As we close, Markus ponders on a single that he already released, “Do you dream?” “I felt like I didn’t dream anymore. The older you get and the more experiences that you have, I always wondered if people still dreamt? With that song and even now, I feel like if you don’t continue to dream then you don’t come up with new goals; set new standards. Dreaming keeps you alive and you sometimes forget especially when your life has exceeded anything that you can imagine.”

– Dee Sanae

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By Dee Sanae, Glow Contributing Writer

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