Hey DC Nightlife!!! Do you want to see the former three-time #1 DJ in the world and current #2? Obviously. Let us know why we should give you a ticket to see Tiesto at the sold-out Fur Nightclub tomorrow night.

Leave your comments on the wall ON THIS POST… not on Facebook. Let us know why we should pick you. But if no one says anything good, we’re just going to pick at random, so please, be creative. Scroll down to leave your comments!!

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  1. I should be the one to win a ticket to go see Tiesto.. I enjoy FUR and all their Guests I really love their line up, they bring the best DJ’s from all over the World and They are The best Club in the Washington DC Area. period.. Love it

  2. because i wanna take my “kaleidoscop” to “Just Be” at F.U.R!!!

  3. i should get the 2 tickets for me and my friend because we know how to party it up untill the day after, just like tiesto would do in the netherlands..also, because i wanted the team to win in the world cup, although i am brazilian, because i am that dedicated to tiesto =P but if i dont win, congrats to the whoever does, and i wana say that i love GlowDC =)

  4. i should be the LucKy winner of one of the last tickets given away!
    because i’m a SUPER FaN of the Guy and ended up without a ticket.
    NoW is SoLd OuT and ALL my friends are attending because they got their tickets ahead of time.
    Which makes me unhappier this dayz to stay home that night 🙁

  5. I want to win a free ticket so I can take my step brother to the show. He’s new into the EDM scene and didn’t understand the magnitude of how big this show is! My buddy and I gout our tickets, but he failed to get his in time, and now we’re crashing at his place up in DC and he’s gotta listen to us rave about it! I want nothing more than to be able to share this experience with him, we took him to see kaskade at Glow last year (his first live dj experience) and he loved it! Please give us one of the free tickets so we can take him!

  6. 2405alex says:

    i believe we all should win tickets to see Tiesto because we are fans in the first place unfortunally only one of us will get them…. I had Follow Tiesto for years and every time he comes to DC i am out of town or something happens so i can not make it… this time around it was sold out so i think i am curse to see Tiesto live ! i also want to spend this experience with a friend the really wants to go and wont be here much longer in this earth because of some reasons and wont be able to see “The Sun Raise” of DC if i don’t go, or i will know the Basic “Elements of Life” so i could “Just Be” in a “Parade of the Athletes” so it will also last all my life ” In my Memory” so i will thank you guys for ever if i could do this and be mine “Kaleidoscope” for life!

  7. tonynuge says:

    What else does your life mean?… You work all week, do 8-5 M to F. Besides his rankings, its his damn inspiration that he gives. When you’re at his concert, he teaches you to be a DJ through your own life, whether it be a trash collector, college student, or a restaurant cook. You sit in 3 minutes of his tunes and you felt like you in love at first sight, this is it, this is what its meant to be. You’re stuck in the moment and can never go back. All presence are forgotten, because you are highest level of any intellect, in full submission. Is it possible to learn all forms of morals, designs, philantropy, altruism in one concert???- its def. with him. If noone gets a ticket, definitely see him a some event in life, and whatever happens in life, just dance. Basically with Tiesto, its high-fiving during sex.

  8. kharakhorina says:

    Okay guys!We all love Tiesto!
    But i have a crazy period in my life!
    I’m getting married next week. Finally, my fiance and i will be able to sleep in one room in one bed. Now we have to sleep in diff rooms, so NO SMOOSH, no KISSES, no CRAZY NIGHTS TOGETHER!

    If my fiance and i will get tickets, we can have some fun at FUR!

    i’m kindly asking to help our new family to have some fun, before we start hating each other!Pretty please!:)))))

    p.s. Promise to wear my wedding dress.It is slim, so i will not take a lot of room lol

  9. kharakhorina says:

    Also it is sexy…ugh..couldn’t hold it)))

  10. cedarspringestate says:

    Because, once upon a time, there was this guy and girl, about five or six years ago, the guy was under twenty-one then and his girl was 18, the guy and girl were happily dating and planned on getting married and starting a family, the girl was very controlling, didn’t let the guy goto the club with his friends, and insisted on doing the same, until one day, the girl said that she was going to an 18+ for girls event and 21+ for guys event, and decided to snake her man to goto the club at fur, they broke up (it was much worse than merely they broke up) five years have passed and the young man, is now a man, and has never been to fur, tonight, would be the perfect night to bring him back into the scene, so that he can forget the past and just live in the moment from now on… happily ever after.

  11. cedarspringestate says:

    You can travel the world but you can’t run away
    from the person you are in your heart
    you can be who you want to be
    make us believe in you
    keep all your light in the dark
    if your searching for truth
    you must look in the mirror
    and make sense of what you can see

    just be
    just be

    they say learning to love yourself
    is the first step
    that you take when you want to be real
    and flying on planes to exotic locations
    won’t teach you how you really feel
    face up to the fact that you are who you are
    and nothing can change that belief

    just be
    just be

    cause now i know it’s not so far to where i go
    the hardest part
    is inside me
    i need to just be
    …so help me just be…

  12. cedarspringestate says:

    He’ll be playing the following songs, majority of them atleast, so enjoyyyyy!

    Hour 1 – Tiesto
    01. Tiesto – No Memory From Yesterday
    02. Hardwell & Franky Rizardo – Asteroid
    03. Marco V vs Axwell – Open Your Reaver (Nause Bootleg)
    04. Laidback Luke – Timebomb
    05. The Prodigy – Breathe (Kim Fai Remix) (Tiesto’s Classic)
    06. Tony Gomez – Tell Me (John Dahlback Quiet Mix)
    07. Plastic Angel – Pascale (Green and Falkner mix)
    08. Funkagenda – Astana (Three Sixty Remix)
    09. Max Graham vs Way Out West – Nothing Else Killa (Teardrop bootleg)
    10. Hurts – Wonderful Life(Lee Haslam mix)
    11. Virtual Vault – Causeway Bay

    Hour 2
    Ken Loi
    Back With Tiesto
    12. Max Vangeli Feat Max C – Look Into Your Heart (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Remix)
    13. Rony Seikaly Feat Polina – Let You Go
    14. Tiger Stripes – Together Forever (Make It Hous)
    15. D Formation vs Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki – Weakness 4 Warp (Bass Kleph Bootleg)
    16. Deniz Koyu – Lose Control (Johan Wedel Mix)
    17. Alex Kassel – Chasing the Dream (Bassjackers Mix)
    18. Sgt. Slick – Like This (Angger Dimas Mix)
    19. Boys Noise – Yeah
    20. Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Angger Dimas Remix)

  13. Because my birthday is November 18th & it would be the best present GLOW can give me 🙂 Shanks 🙂

  14. Me and my very good friend just moved up to DC and had no idea this show was going on untill it was too late to buy tickets. We have previously drove over 27 hours in a 36 hours span just to watch the dj legend play. We feel we would only add to what’s already going to be an insaine atmosphere at FUR and what better place to make new DC friends than at Tiesto….hope every1 at the show has an amazing time, specially all the first timers. The energy at a tiesto show is second to none.

  15. cedarspringestate says:

    i would have bought my ticket early if i had the money… it’s all good.

  16. Huma says:

    So, why should I win a ticket to see Tiesto?

    I’m tempted to provide a professional, well-thought out answer, chock full of references to my Masters in International Relations from Georgetown University, or my status as a member of not just one, but three minority groups or some other serious, persuasive argument.

    But I’m going to be honest: I think I should win this contest because I’ve had a horrible

    For what seems like the 100th time, my family has spent the last few days trying to scold, cajole, and cold-shoulder me into accepting yet another proposal of an arranged marriage. And though I’ve managed to stand my ground thus far, and to refuse to marry anyone whom I do not love or, at least, care for, I am not immune to their scare-tactics. Right now, it seems difficult to remember that they are, in fact, wrong – that I DO have value even if I don’t have a husband; and that one of my previous, scorned, “suitors” was incorrect in telling me that all I can look forward to without marriage (to him), is a lonely life and an even lonelier death, after which I’d be devoured by my cats, Spicy and Mr. Darcy. You see what I’m dealing with here?

  17. I feel like my boyfriend and I highly deserve to have the Tiesto tickets. I wanted to buy them, but then I just got laid off from my job unexpectedly, and have no extra money to have fun, only just enough to pay bills. We both LOVE Tiestos music and he is a huge inspiration to me as I started to DJ myself. Please pick me (and my boyfriend) to win tickets to Tiestos show! It We live outside the Pittsburgh area & D.C. is the closest that Tiesto has come to us. This would mean a great deal to us and we would be very thankful! Thanks.

  18. The question is why should I see Tiesto at Glow! Tiesto rocks! Glow rocks! If I were to see Tiesto AT Glow, I would rock too! It’s that simple. Such fond memories of great DJ’s at Glow. Need another one! I’m getting old…need to live my youth while I can! Tix for the old foagie please…I’ll even wear my pirate hat 😉 Ohhhh…and if you give me a Glow t-shirt…I’ll wear that too…and frequently after.

  19. I need the ticket so I can guarantee entry!

    I drive an hour and a half each way to play at Glow and I would hate to have to turn around and drive home cause I can’t get in the door. Think of the unnecessary pollution that would cause to our blessed environment!

    Don’t turn me into a Polluter without a Purpose! Let me have the ticket! I swear I’ll even drive nicely so as to get the best gas mileage possible.

  20. I should win a ticket to tiesto because I want to bend it like I don’t care here on earth at GLOW. The club will be louder than boom and I will actually be able to feel it in my bones and I won’t EVER wan’t it to escape me. I’ll be surrounded by light and enjoy la ride. I will have my perfume always near to make sure the club smells like fresh fruit. I am strong but I will never knock you out :). If I go to Kaleidoscope I’ll remember it for a century.. If I don’t then I’ll be at home alone and who wants to be alone right??

  21. Tony Nguyen says:

    it feeeeels good to be the fat boy dancing naked to Tiesto

  22. I want these tickets, cause i’ve never seen Tiesto alive..NEVER..and i really want to see him..I practically moved to this country because of the chance to see him alive. Originally i’m from Russia, from a very small town, where there are no concerts, no nothing. There are people who are getting married and all, they got their happiness..i want a piece of mine:) his music is in my ipod, in my car, at home..everywhere…
    I’d never think i’ll have a chance to see him and be so close to him.

    I wish i could get it…

  23. Once upon a time, I devised a plan to take a MAGIC JOURNEY.
    The best DJ I had to see.
    Club Glow would be the place to be. JUST BE.
    Looking forward to that day, when I would proclaim “FOREVER TODAY!”
    On my way, to execute my plan..I soon noticed
    The terrible TRAFFIC would not take me there!
    But how can this be? There must be a way!
    And away I headed on the URBAN TRAIN.
    But alas all attempts were foiled and all hope was gone.
    None left-not one-all done.
    With tears in my eyes, alone IN THE DARK
    I headed back home with an ache in my heart.
    “Oh Tiesto! What sadful fate is this?
    And all I wanted was to BE CLOSE TO YOU,
    and Dance! Dance! DANCE 4 LIFE!

  24. Lina Pikis says:

    Getting the tix would be a perfect bday present for me!!!!!! after all u turn 30 only once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Maro Rana says:

    This is number 23 on my list of to do things while im alive! absolutely love his music! ive always wanted to see him play live.

  26. Tony Nguyen says:

    Early hominids-> Wolverines (era of darkness) -> (MIA for In search of Sunrise) -> Light -> Glowsticks-> Club Glow -> Tiesto! -> Kaleidoscope-> Twisted n twisting hominds

  27. Tony Nguyen says:

    Kaleidoscope: evolution in process, must see Tiesto as he explores other genre’s!

  28. nugget says:

    I have been trying to see tiesto for the first time for 11 years, the first time I tried to see him in germany but the train broke down going from belgium. The second time I tried was to see him at fur last year and when I was on the way to the club we got in a car accident and I ended up in the hospital. I am going to give it one last try and if it doesn’t work I think I am just not meant to see him 🙁

  29. really want to see tiesto, am a big big fan, never seen him and ive never won anything and to win tickets to see him would be a dream come true.. Plsss 🙂 I LOVE TIESTO!!

  30. The reason you guys should choose me for the tickets to see Tiësto at the armory is because I literally love him. Tiesto’s music brings me such joy, I get chills whenever I listen to his music. When I watch videos on youtube of his sets at various music festivals I become
    everwhelmed with so many different emotions. You can feel the energy of him and the crowds he plays for just by watching these and I want to be one of those people. Going to a Tiësto show would be such an experience that its become one of my life goals and I know that it would be the best night of my life. I love Tiësto and I hope you guys would allow me to have one of the few tickets that are left from his sold out show! Thanks!

  31. I was there when Tiesto played in DC back in 2007. It was wild man…..the reason i have to go to this event because one of our friends will celebrated his birthday 9th April, i love house music, i saw him at Ultra Music Festival 2009.
    The main reason is i want to give a present for my girlfriend, she really like Tiesto and house music.

  32. haboonaimee says:

    I’m not going to leave some Long comment explaining why I want to go see tiesto,he’s one of the greatest tecnist I know but his feels awesome when your gone too 😉 !!!!

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