calvin harris club glow washington dc nightclubs concerts in dcWe know Calvin Harris is ready for the weekend. He’s a fucking rock star!! There’s no doubt about that. He was born to produce, to perform, to make millions go nuts. And how was he discovered? How was a kid from Dumfries, Scotland plucked from the UK and connected to fans throughout the world? Myspace of course! He did have two tracks signed in 2002 under another name, but it wasn’t until EMI and Sony BMG noticed his Myspace numbers that Calvin Harris the rock star came into being.

Nicknamed the “King of Electropop,” one listen to either of his chart topping albums and it’s easy to see why. Not too druggy, not too poppy but just right; Calvin’s fusion of wobbling synths and ultra fun vocals is the perfect recipe to indulge your sense of youthful exuberance. His style is without question the perfect refreshment. Imagine the hottest, sweatiest, most tired you’ve ever been. Close your eyes and feel how good that glass of ice water felt as it ran through your chest. That’s Calvin Harris.

He conforms to no one style. The man is precisely what the Dr. ordered for today’s brand of EDM. Obsessed with classifying genres and complaining that music is too cheesy or too minimal, people need to chill. They need to quit worrying about who they know, how cool they look, how super underground they are or what their status is as it relates to the politics of clubbing. People need to stop, smell the roses and have some freaking fun!

Come out to Fur this weekend and let Calvin Harris, the King of Electropop, remind you what it feels like to be a kid again.

Dance Wiv Me f/ Dizzee Rascal (

Ready for the Weekend (

I’m Not Alone (

Club Glow is held every Thursday night at Lima Restaurant and Lounge and every Saturday at Fur Nightclub. For the past 11 years, Glow has brought the biggest names in electronic dance music to the best DC nightclubs, and is the leader in DC Nightlife.

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