The only Russian ever to not drink vodka. That’s right, if you want to impress Bobina you’ll say hello with a Jack and Coke.

Finally!! The 2009 Ibiza Dance Nation of the Year’s brightest star was able to showcase his skills on a DC stage. Bouncing to and fro like a man possessed, Bobina brought out the big guns. Fast, aggressive and unrelenting, he put the pedal to the metal and ran through Lima like a bull in Pamplona.

All DJs have their own little dance moves. Armin has his ‘Jesus pose,’ Kaskade throws ‘bows’, Nic Fanciulli is forever smirking, and so on. But Bobina?? He was like the Tasmanian Devil; spinning, bobbing, bouncing around; drinking jack and coke and raising his arms to the sky. He was very entertaining.

Bobina’s track selection spanned a large range of trance, past and present, along with some fun add-ons. He played a mash up of Cirez D – On Off and Darude – Sandstorm; Ferry Corsten’s remix of ‘Invisible Touch’; ‘Chakalaka’ by Wippenberg; Gareth Emery’s ‘Exposure’; Zombie Nation’s timeless ‘Kernkraft 400’; and two of the most inspiring mash ups to date, Jochen Miller vs. AvB – In and Out of Connection, and Gareth Emery vs. Delerium – This is That Silence.

As the night ended, Bobina being the good guy that he is, was signing CDs from his book and giving them to fans. He chilled outside afterwards, taking tons of pictures and chatting it up. With his relentless style, superb showmanship and friendly demeanor, you can be sure the Russian will be back soon enough… as long as the Jack keeps flowing.

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