Well… we can safely say that Ferry Corsten on New Year’s Day at Glow was probably the best NYE after party ever. Although… if you actually slept, it wasn’t so much an after party as it was the ultimate way to start 2011.

DJ Mag’s #9 told us during the interview that coming to DC once a year just doesn’t cut it anymore. He shouted it into the mic as well, drawing deafening screams of approval from those in attendance. We weren’t kidding when we told you guys big things were coming in 2011. Armin, Markus and now Ferry have all confirmed it. 2011 is DC nightlife’s year to shine (or Glow). It’s a true testament to the dedication we all put into building, cultivating and maintaining the Glow community.

Ferry makes it easy to write a review. We don’t have to say much because hey, when Ferry comes to town you know what you’re going to get… poetry in motion; sonic art; a place in heaven’s auditorium.

Bouncing around the booth, pointing at the crowd, sporting an ear-to-ear grin and of course, showing his heart to the audience, Corsten regaled us with tune after tune of sea-parting trance. As he discussed with us, the genre may change, bend and morph; but to say trance is on any sort of decline is just not correct. After Saturday night, how could anyone argue?

For a 1/1 event, it was satisfying not only to see the packed main room at Fur, but also the wild fans jumping in the air. It tells us you either kept it going, rested up, or just toughed it out and made it. Whatever your method, it was definitely worth the effort (obviously).

We heard Minack, Beautiful, Made of Love, Digital Punk, Rafael Frost’s remix of Dogzilla – Without You and just so many awesome tunes it blew us away. Ferry’s lush style of production, engineering and track selection is something you can feel deep in the pit of your stomach. It’s overwhelmingly satisfying. It’s music that could feed an army.

NYE is over. New Year’s Day has passed. 2011 is here and Ferry Corsten hoisted Glow’s mast and set sail for what may turn out to be our biggest year yet. If that’s not a great present, we’re not sure what is. Happy Birthday Pete!

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