Regardless of whether he’s spinning or hanging out, JFK is someone you want at your party. With a bottle of Crown or Miller on the turntable at any given time and a pack Canadian Belmonts in front of him, Jesse F. Keeler and his Teenage Riot crew rolled through Glow ready to get loose.

Opening duties belonged to Glow resident John Deke and Teenage Riot artist Harvard Bass. HB, the 20 (soon to be 21) y/o ghetto house phenom from California lit it up, spinning “bad ass, dirty, jacking ghetto house grooves with filthy drums.” Closing things out was the other member of JFK’s Teenage Riot crew, St. Mandrew. Now this guy knows how to party. Taking huge swigs of the Crown, smacking his face and waiving his hand in front on the “you can’t see me,” tip; the Saint closed things out in true Teen Riot fashion with some wild ass, hard hitting electro.

As for the main attraction… When the club’s sound guy goes out of his way to tell you how impressed he is, you know the DJ is doing something special. JFK was all over those effects knobs, bowing down at times as if to pay homage to the mixer. Being the ridiculous producer he is, that’s not too surprising. He picked up where Harvard Bass left off, jamming out hard with banging kicks and wobbly electro thumpers. As his set progressed JFK fell more into his signature Mstrkrft sound of sliding bass lines and piercing guitar riffs while keeping things poppin’. Club goers were wild the entire time; shaking their shoulders, stomping their feet and grooving uber hard to the tunes of Crookers, Steve Aoki, Mstrkrft and more.

Where most DJs leave as soon as their set is done, JFK stayed to hang out and party. Like we said at the start, JFK is someone you want at your party. Period.

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