Joachim Garraud brought his infectious energy back to DC nightlife once again! This time with Glow at Lima Lounge as the backdrop, giving us an intimate look inside the space man’s command center.

When aliens want us to take them to our leader, it’s usually because they came bearing gifts. In Garraud’s case, the Space Invader brought t-shirts, masks, CD cases, stickers and more! Tossing them to his loyal followers.

Ax in hand, Garraud jammed out; shutting his eyes and truly feeling the energy that comes from the live instrumentation achieved when interleaving CDJs and keytar. As one Glow photographer put it, “It was an orgasm to my ears!”

Dropping tracks like The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki – WARP 1977, Pursuit of Happiness, and a keytarred-out version of Swedish House Mafia – One, Garraud showed what happens when spacemen take over. His alien experiment took Lima to a whole new level when he dropped Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, one of many tracks the dub step upstart had on Beatport’s top 10 this fall.

The first dance music artist to incorporate instruments into his live sets, Joachim Garraud and his space invaders took over Glow at Lima Lounge and ended 2010 with a serious bang, preparing us to blast off into 2011!!

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  1. JDB says:

    Joachim is mindblowing! He has amazing energy – and a treat to have a chance to see him here in DC.

    Unfortunately, though, I spent the whole evening playing defense against creepy guys looking to pull. One guy even asked if I was there to find some dick. Needless to say, not at all conducive for relaxing and finding my dance groove, and it kinda ruined the night.

    Lima, I know when you expect there to be a smaller crowd you like to put shows in the basement to ramp up the intensity, but it means there is little space for ladies to escape overly-aggessive dancers. I wouldn’t advise my girlfriends to go to shows at Lima, at least not those limited to downstairs, but fewer females is likely the opposite of the preferred trend.

    • Thanks for your feedback. In the future, if a guy does that to you, please let security know and he will be removed immediately. Douchebaggery is definitely a no-no at our events.

      We try to create an environment that is conducive to dancing and having a good time, but it can be difficult to screen out every annoying guy out there. We already weed out a lot of troublemakers at the door, but unfortunately many seemingly normal people become assholes when alcohol is involved.

      Your best bet is to get in the middle of a crowd of true EDM fans, close to the DJ in the front row center. Yes, its more crowded there, but people in that prime-location are there to rock out to the DJ, not to try to grind up on someone. You won’t be bothered there, and you might even make a few new friends there too. Additionally, the upstairs (middle level) is always open as well, and its often not as crowded as the main floor, should you need an ‘escape’. The patio is also open (and heated) at all times as well.

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