Schlomi Aber at Club glow washington dcShlomi Aber brought a little piece of the Holy Land to Club Glow last Thursday. Super techy, ultra smooth and highly intelligent, Aber’s brand of dance music is a true manifestation of what defines techno. Unctuous and organic, Aber sent mind warping frequencies screeching through the speakers of Lima Restaurant & Lounge. Carefully layered underneath were intricate drum lines strolling in and out, mesmerizing the crowd. He was a hypnotist behind the tables. Trying to figure out where each hit and kick was coming from eventually gave way to non-thought. As syncopated techno marches advanced on the crowd’s ears, Aber led his people on an exodus from reality to the Promised Land of an altered state of mind.

For the most part, DC Nightlife doesn’t generally sway too far from house and trance. Shlomi Aber was a wonderful change of pace, an example not only of a more natural style of electronic music, but of the fact that DC Clubbing is open-minded enough to experiment with the various sub-genres of EDM. Aber however, had a slightly different take on the topic, “I don’t care about (EDM sub-genre) stuff. I’m just doing my thing.” His favorite ‘thing’ of the evening? A newly released track on Aber’s Beasone imprint called “Feeling Rhythm” by Nyra. He also suggested we look for the upcoming release of Itamar Sagi’s track “Coffee Beans,” also on Beasone, supported by Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Dubfire and many more.

Look for Glow to make more forays into the global underground in the future. Allow yourself to experience all that electronic dance music has to offer. And follow Shlomi Aber’s example: Do your thing.

Club Glow is held every Thursday night at Lima Restaurant and Lounge and every Saturday at Fur Nightclub. For the past 11 years, Glow has brought the biggest names in electronic dance music to the best DC nightclubs and is the leader in DC Nightlife.

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