richie's set up is simply unreal

The art of DJing has been taken to heights never thought possible. From 2 vinyl turntables to 3, to the discovery of how to beat match, to the CDJ  and then laptops with Traktor, Ableton and the myriad of controllers out there, playing music can be as simple or as complex as you make it. For Richie Hawtin, founder of the Berlin-based M-nus record label, technology has opened the door to some truly amazing innovations in the art of DJing.

Richie’s DJ set up allows him to do more than anyone else. He has even found a way to sync multiple laptops and control the DJ software on one with a controller set up on another… meaning 4 DJs can spin on stage at once and control each others music. The possibilities are endless. M-nus has also taken to releasing individual loops along with the full versions of their artist’s tracks to allow DJs to better utilize their music.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Richie’s DJing prowess visit m-nus and check out the technology section. There are Traktor tutorials from the master himself!!

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  1. yush says:

    Read a lot about his setup, seen his interview, heard his sets………..

    A lot of great complex things can be achieved sonically mixing x number of loops to create a style that is unique………
    but having said that……..
    the headache to make sure all the moving parts are in sync and are not 5 seconds away from catastrophe surely at some point will take over a DJs sixth sense — which is to take the listener on an impromptu journey.

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