5. If you’re going out in The District Saturday night, Fur Nightclub is the only place where you don’t run the risk getting heat stroke. The AC is hardcore.

4. FREE ADMISSION before 1130 and NO LINES, NO WAITS, ALL NIGHT with the Glow Fan Pass

3. Ced is currently ranked #8 in the America’s Best DJ rankings. As the 2010 season nears an end, the Miami Kingpin is kicking things up a notch as he makes his bid for the top spot. If you want to see Ced Gervais at his finest, now is the time. But he always brings the rukus to DC, we’re just saying…

2. Being the nice guy he is, Ced’s collaboration with R&B singer Mya will give fans a reason to listen to her music again. (see below)

1. This one’s for the ladies. If you play your cards right, who knows 😉

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