Top 5 Reasons to see Laidback Luke at Lima

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 8:51am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 9:35pm) Add comments

5. EASY and FREE… NO LINES, NO WAIT, ALL NIGHT and FREE before 1130 with the GLOW FAN PASS

4. AMBIENCE… Lima Lounge defines ‘chic’ when it comes to dance music in DC. A stylish venue where it’s easy to get a drink and even easier to find beautiful people dancing their asses off!!

3. COMFORT… Getting a little hot on the dance floor? Don’t sweat it!!! Lima’s first level bar and patio are equipped with the comforts of home. Plush couches, refreshing drinks and a low key spot to chill with your friends.

2. THE NEW WAVE… Laidback Luke is part of a dance music revolution. His brand of house music is sweeping the world. The next time he’s in DC it will most likely be at Fur. So now is your only chance to get up close and personal with the #27 DJ (and climbing!!!) in the world.

1. SHOW ME LOVE and HEARTBREAKER… Yeah that’s right. Laidback Luke is responsible for the re-release of the famous Robyn S. track ‘Show me Love.’ And it’s HIS remix of that MSTRKFT & John Legend song that everyone is playing.

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