5. Opening DJ Craig Pettigrew is far more than your typical opener. He is Tiesto’s former tour manager as well as founder of The BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen!

4. You can CUT THE LINE and get in FREE BEFORE 11:30 by using the GLOW FAN PASS.

3. Lima Lounge provides the perfect setting for Victor’s brand of dark, bouncing NY house. The lights, sound system and icy blasts of smoke will transport you from reality to a world of pure hedonism.

2. Vic recently got back on the production wagon and released a 2 track EP. “Boarding Pass/Terminal B” shows how a guy can go from doing NY house to working with Madonna and Sting and on to the dark, techy house of today.

1. Calderone is famous for allowing those who attend his parties to escape reality. His goal is to force you to forget your troubles and become lost in the music. This. Is. Victor. Calderone.

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