wally lopez at club glowWally Lopez is not exactly a newcomer and for the general he might not be a household name, nonetheless he is no stranger to house music. Born in Madrid as Angel David Lopez, he was already specializing and actively broadcasting on a local radio station Top Radio. He also started programming for Maxima FM, in which Lopez now attracts more than 600,000 listeners every Friday in Spain, not including the internet listeners. But that wasn’t what really put this Spaniard on the official charts. A cross between having time on his hands and travelling from Madrid to Valencia, Lopez whipped out a remix to “Just a little more love.” Who would have thought that this man was behind launching David Guetta’s career? Well if you didn’t know, now you know.

Instead of just doing remixes for others, it’s his time to shine. Wally is much more than a producer or remixer, he caught my eye with the dernier cri he puts into the DJ image, mixed with a hipster flair. His taste in glasses attracted me even more to his fashion style,” I love fashion but not super fashion… I like MY FASHION [laughs] I have a clothing shop in Madrid called, Tremenda Shop which is now growing in different cities….and a clothing brand called Tremenda Wear and in its second season now.” I found out that Wally Lopez is the only non-sports person sponsored by Oakley, hence all the custom made modish glasses.

Wally shares that if he wasn’t doing music, he would have liked to be an air pilot or an actor. But for now he seems to be focusing on quite a few serious projects. Global Underground and Lopez will be teaming up for his very first CD compilation with them. “I am very proud to be representing GU around the globe. For me this is a dream come true!” What you can expect from this double CD set is all the things that “will transport you to a real Wally Lopez gig.” If you don’t know what style he loves, let him house you. Also on GU, he is working on two tracks named, “Oh Yeah” and “Rocking Year.” Lopez just released a new track just released on his label, The Factoria, called Iuvenis. A suggested remix off of that is Mihalis Safras. Commercially, Wally is working with Carlos Jean (Best Pop Producer in Spain) and Marta Sanchea (Pop diva in Spain). He is also remixing his track, “Noche Sin Luna” and if that’s not enough, Lopez is closing deals with not one but five labels now! He couldn’t tell me exact details on those but, time will tell. And as many share this dream with him, he would like to produce with none other than Madonna.

Wally Lopez even jumped on as a Dance4Life ambassador. “If I can help, in anyway, on any term, I love to! I also help throw a party and a made a track for Haiti collaborating with pop artists such as Shakira, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, it was great!”

Not really having a mentor, Wally tells me that he learned by himself. “I had an idea of what I wanted to do and to be. But there was a point, that seeing Erick Morillo inspired me… They way he used to play, to be a businessman and how he was the fans!” When asked what celebrity he would compare himself, he replied, “I love how Cristiano Ronaldo fights to be the best. I don’t think I’m very talented, so I need to work more than the others [producers]. I just want to make my career and make people happy with my music. I am not sure if I impact music scene or not. But I’m changing some ways to promote with marketing actions with other brands…treating Wally Lopez as a global brand!”

Another first time artist to jet set to DC, Wally tells me, “I heard so many good things about GLOW that I changed my tour just to be there. I’m touring in South America…and this is like a break in the week…but I needed to play there!!! There you heard it so show your loyalty as Wally puts GLOW number one this Thursday!

-Dee Sanae, Glow Contributing Writer

For more information on Wally visit: www.wallylopez.com, www.facebook.com/wallylopezdj, www.myspace.com/wallylopez

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