It seems to me that lately, everyone is a promoter for one dc nightclub or another through Facebook. Being a promoter myself, I just get amazed by the amount of event invitations I get bombarded with on a daily basis through Facebook. People that have been coming to my parties for years, now are “promoters” inviting me to go to Lima, Tattoo, Lotus, Fly, Midtown, K Street Lounge, Stir, The Muse, Josephine’s etc.

So I guess it was time for me to utilize the power of Facebook and the social networking phenomenon, not to invite people but to announce a new venture. Today, I used my Facebook account, in order to announce my latest restaurant, bar and lounge, named Barcode. A Barcode logo, and a little blurb about the fact that it will be a 5,000 sq. ft. restaurant, bar and lounge opening in September, is all it took to ignite a conversation.

As of now, I have received over 30 messages about the newest addition in DC nightlife, and people are wishing me the best, asking me questions about the menu, and inquiring about a job. Awesome stuff I guess… crazy ad in the Washington City Paper, no big pr firm, no flyers, no emails.

Just a small Facebook announcement and the word has already started spreading. I haven’t even built a site yet, and people are already talking about it. You have to love the internet. It has allowed anyone, young or old, rich or poor, popular or not, a channel to get their voice heard. Amazing, how when I first started promoting back in 1994, the only thing you could do in order to promote a party was print some flyers and of course page your friends so they can call you back, so you could invite them…..

As a matter of fact, I forgot to really reach everyone about Barcode. I’m getting ready to tweet the news to all my Twitter followers………


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  1. p-diddy says:

    So what’s the scoop about the new place? Sounds like it’s gonna be hot! Give us some more info please!

  2. Antonis says:

    Barcode will be a restaurant, bar and lounge with an emphasis on casual/fun dining, draft beers and wine tasting. It will open some time this fall!

  3. Glow Guy says:

    It will also feature one of the most amazing outdoor patios in the city!

  4. DEM says:

    I can’t wait for this new venture! Glad I can be part of it! Will be the hottest place of 2009!

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