Dada Life - 8.30.13 at Echostage

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Dada Life
(12:30a set time)
(11:00p set time)
(2:15a set time)
Opening set by MebaaWorldPeace

Friday August 30, 2013
Doors at 9PM. No dress code. Ages 18+
Bottle Service at or 202.503.2330

Echostage • 2135 Queens Chapel Road NE • Washington, DC

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So come and do the Da Da Da Da Daooowwww. The Dada Life boys are back at Echostage this Fall for… you guessed it… champagne, bananas and some reckless electro! We’ve got a bunch of banana suits at the office soooo… prepare for awesomeness!

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  1. jessie waggy says:

    Important question about getting in. please someone contact me . thanks

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