Identity Festival returns to Washington DC!
Get your $60 tickets here

ID fest line up washington dc


  • Arty
  • Datsik
  • DJ Enferno
  • Dvbbs
  • Eric Prydz
  • Eva Simons
  • Excision
  • J Devil
  • Le Castle Vania
  • Madeon
  • Rye Rye
  • Showtek
  • Static Revenger
  • Stephan Jacobs
  • The Eye
  • Volta Bureau
  • Wolfgang Gartner
  • and more


Friday July 27
2PM – 11PM


Jiffy Lube Live
(formerly Nissan Pavilion)
7800 Cellar Door Drive
Bristow, VA

(703) 754-6400


$60 @


  • Parking available on site
  • All ages
  • 20,000 capacity
  • 3 stages
    (Main, Parking Lot, Glow)
  • Tailgating rules


After an eye-opening first-year run, Identity Festival returns to Washington DC at Jiffy Lube Live. The 2012 edition features a potent line up of the world’s best electro, house and dubstep artists.

Those who attended Identity 2011 already know the utter madness that’s in store. With crazy productions for every artist and a rare US appearance by Eric Prydz, year 2 will no doubt build and expand on this successful festival tour.
Local artsts identity festival washington dc

47 Responses to “Identity Festival 2012 Washington DC – Fri 07.27.12 [Jiffy Lube Live]”

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  1. JAMES HERNDON says:

    I purchased an early bird ticket and never received my ticket via email

  2. Henry Galindo says:

    Too much dubstep, hard dance and drum and bass DJs need more house and trance!

    • Pedro G Flores says:

      I mix house music and would love to mix a few tracks if i can get a TBA time slot!!!

    • John Mc says:

      Agree! Those DJs suck!!! When I see more electro, house and trance DJ’s I’ll get my tickets.

    • AlexT says:

      I’m afraid of the dubstep cr4p too.. remember in Mars Attacks when they play the yoddle music and the aliens heads’ explode? …okay, that might as well be me and dubstep. It sounds like someone f’ing fell ontop of a keyboard and a bunch of random synth shit started playing.

      In any event, Eric Prydz is enough to tempt me buying some tickets – ESPECIALLY if he plays his remix of Midnight City. Every cent would be well spent if I can listen to that live.

      Anyways, keep the dubstep in check. In a few years it’ll be like a bad dream and you’ll never know wtf dubstep was, but progressive trance / house / etc will still be around like always.

  3. Wills says:

    you guys are a bunch of haters. Wolfgang always puts up a sick set. and Eric Prydz making an appearance is rare as anything. I’m sure Glow is also gonna add one more big DJ in the “TBA” slot as well. They wouldn’t disappoint y’all

  4. Sean says:

    ARTY dosent suck, hes Trance for the most part

  5. bic says:

    Who are these people leaving comments, when they don’t even know what the listed DJ’s spin? You are exactly the people the rest of us don’t want to see there, so… don’t come.Thanks.

  6. What bic said says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^What bic said!!!!!! dont come brosteppers

    • Lolwut says:

      You’re also one of these people who have no idea what the DJs spin. This lineup is lopsided toward the House/Trance end of the spectrum. There isn’t even a DnB artist on here (that I know of). I would gladly go to this if they had Noisia on the lineup, but in all seriousness, this show looks excellent. Quit drinking the haterade, enjoy what you enjoy and let others do the same.

  7. Henry Galindo says:

    If your a real Fan you know what your DJ is about! Also what kind of Music he or she WILL Spin!

  8. Jonathan says:

    i want to buy my ticket but is says unavailable. i really doubt its sold out. help please

  9. TS says:

    Last year Afrojack was listed in the lineup for the whole tour but didnt come out to DC.. this year Bingo Players and Hardwell, ((( the 2 that I would really like to see ))) are also listed but NOT listed in the DC lineup.. can anyone verify if they will be here or not???!!!

    • Ravi says:

      neither hardwell nor bingo players are booked for DC as of now. only go by what’s on the localized flyer. thanks

      • BuddhaMike says:

        When will the list of additional DJ’s be made public? There was quite an arsenal of DJ’s for last year’s event – but we had three main stages (Amphitheater, DimMak, and Advent), and a forth smaller stage for more local DJ’s. Even if this year it’s just two major stages, 8 DJ’s hardly covers to time. Ravi, about how many more can we expect? 5? 6? More?

        I’d like to add that this was a wonderful event last year. Jiffy Lube Live is a fantastic venue for 15K-25K people. It’s spacious and ID Fest puts on a great production with regard to stages, lighting, sound, etc. Definitely a professionally run event, more so than I’ve seen at other events, like Ultra and (more regionally) Starscape.

        My hope is that this doesn’t become ID Festival LITE compared with last year. I figured this year to be bigger and better now that the organizers have realized people will attend. Even with rain and thunderstorms last year, we still had around 15K people enjoying the day. Good vibes all around, like these events should be.

        • Ravi says:

          I think when all is said and done this year’s event will feature a slightly smaller, but far more potent line up on average.

          • BuddhaMike says:

            As of now, the lineup is not quite as potent as last year in DC. Kaskade, Aoki, Crystal Method, Avicii, Rusko, Marcus Schulz, Nervo, Chuckie, LA Riots, Datsik, Nero (although did not perform), DJ Shadow, and Le Castle Vania.

            I’d like to see a couple more headliners join the group, but it should be a fun time regardless.

  10. Anders says:

    I wonder why Paul Van Dyk is not included while he is a part of the lineup in Jones Beach, NY. On a side note to promoters: it would be cool to have him in a concert at DC Armory, similar to what you organized for Tiesto in 2010 and Avicii/Armin Van Buuren last year.

  11. BuddhaMike says:

    ID Festival’s official Facebook page shows a new performer, Stephan Jacobs (Dubstep, Glitch and Electro). Hoping for a few more new names soon.

  12. Sean says:

    We need a game changer; someone who can just obliterate the entire festival.

    • BuddhaMike says:

      I wish they would bring in Dada Life. Saw them at Starscape and they rocked it. Ridiculous show. The shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

      • Sean says:

        that would be EPIC, especially since I didnt get to see them while they were at Fur. I like that idea alot because it makes even more people dress up in costumes and what not for the festival

        I hope they can GLOW can shock and rock us as we get closer by bringing in a DJ Mag top 10, still have my fingers crossed for Deadmau5

  13. OH says:

    is the lineup final? or will there be more added?

  14. Jfeegz says:

    FEED ME. This festival needs a game changer? FEED ME is the one. sick beats and an even sicker set! getting someone on the mau5trap label will do wonders. This will also make up for not getting Nero.

  15. me says:

    So does anyone know if the super vip party is worth the 150? I would love to meet some of the djs, but i don’t know if they will even be there or if it would be lame. How late does it go? Is there an open bar? For 110 more dollars i want some more information on what it gives me.

  16. Jessy messy says:

    I went to this last year and had a blast. 1,000x better than starscape IMO. The only thing that was disappointing was that Nero never showed up.. They were on the flyer and listed on the set times. Soaking of set times, it changed like every 5 mins which was kinda annoying, but still an amazing time.

  17. Jessy messy says:

    Speaking, not soaking..

  18. Me says:

    Stop arguing kids, trance, electro, house, drum n bass, dubstep and techno are all good in their own way, just come to the show and have fun

  19. Raveallover says:

    Although, last year was awesome. I dont expect it to be anywhere close to events such as EDC Electric Zoo, Tomorrowland etc.. but as high as the bar was set last year for DC I would expect a better lineup. I actually liked the fact there was so many djs last year and the lineup changed all the time and other djs came to tag etc…But WHY WHY WHY would Glow book Identity the day after Tomorrowland starts knowing most of the djs will be in Belgium? Bad planning. I am wondering at this point if it was even worth buying VIP?

  20. Raveallover says:

    I meant to say the day Tomorrowland Starts***

  21. Gene says:

    Not trying to complain (too much) but this lineup is nothing special. Especially compared to last year’s EPIC lineups. And SO many people came out. Why skimp out on us this year ? I mean some cities are getting the CREAM. Like Dallas gets ERIC PRYDZ, WOLFGANG GARTNER, NERO-DJ SET, PORTER ROBINSON, HARDWELL, SHOWTEK, DOCTOR P, ARTY, etc. Thats Porter AND Hardwell! Shit Id go just for those 2 guys. And Im not big into this poppy house but Porter is crazy and Hardwell always puts on a good show. Prydz will be great. Wolfgang plays too much crap/dubstep when he is anywhere near DC. madeon is aight. Then all we have left it dubstep. I guess it goes to show that this area has gone all dirty dubstep. Sorry fans. Not into it.. San Diego ?? ERIC PRYDZ, EXCISION, PORTER ROBINSON, PAUL VAN DYK, HARDWELL, BINGO PLAYERS! R u F-IN kidding me ???? Damn it ! At least I got tickets to Sensation in NY. Thats going to be house heaven for adults 😉

    • Raveallover says:

      Thats What I was saying. Porter plays on the 28th in belgium. They booked it the day Tomorrowland starts. So in reality DC gets the leftovers…

      • BuddhaMike says:

        Yep, it’s unfortunate that our event is during the same weekend of TL in Belgium. Nearly every top artist is there. It’s actually pretty remarkable that we got Arty, Gartner and Prydz. Those are names that could actually be playing TL. Really surprised Prydz is coming, because he honestly should be at TL. They must have put up a ton of cash to get him, because not even Ultra could get him this year.

  22. inquiring mind says:

    Was wondering if & when set times & venue map will be available?

    • Ravi says:

      waiting on confirmation to release set times, which DJs are on which stages and rest of line up.

      As far as venue map… the Rockstar stage is to the left of the main stage amphiteater and the Glow stage is in between them near concessions

  23. Zack says:

    how am i supposed to get tickets if @LiveNation blows and says there is site maintenance 2 days in a row??

  24. DJ Shynin says:

    Why is there complaints about the Dubstep? Excision, Showtek, Datsik LETS GO!!!

  25. DJ Soulll says:

    Not sure if this is true or not, but i checked bingo player showtimes and this shows them attending the DC venue. Can this be confirmed?

  26. Joostin says:

    Keep hearing Nero might show…is this true?????????

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