Announcing the Glow Locals Stage at Identity Festival

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Presenting Your Glow Local Stage

Identity Festival Washington DC

8/18/11 at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion)

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Glow U: 1 – 4pm

1 – 1:30 | Max Rewak

School: GW | Style: Open EDM

Since 2009 Max Rewak has spun from gritty frat basements to DJ battles and upscale clubs in and around DC. His sound is an eclectic blend of genres influenced by Deadmau5, Benga, Angger Dimas, Afrojack, Bassnectar, Netsky, Caspa and Dave Nada. Rewak is honored to be a part of Identity Festival and looking forward to future DC events. Find him on Twitter @mrewak or at


1:30 – 2 | Rew!nd

DJ rew!nd Ryu Grob

School: UMD | Style: Dutch House

After seeing Funkmaster Flex in New York, Ryu Grob began experimenting with Hip-Hop. After a shift to EDM, Rew!nd began building a resume at house and fraternity parties his freshman year. A rising junior, Grob has spun countless house and frat parties as well as DC clubs. He has recently started producing and hopes to continue his success and become a better known presence in the DC electronic scene.


2 – 2:30 | AC 204

AC 204 DJs DCSchool: AU | Style: Big Room Electro, Dubstep, Bass

Formed in 2010, AC 204 features Anthony Abdelnour and Gianluca Frolich. Both have experience spinning on an international level, with Anthony starting his trade in Hong Kong and London while Ginaluca was featured in Switzerland and Milan. Meeting by chance in DC, they became roommates and found they shared a passion for the same music and style. This year the two have played around Washington and Baltimore and are ready to bring their music to whoever is down to get just a little funky.

2:30 – 3 | Peter Brennan

Peter Brennan DJSchool: GMU | Style: Upbeat House

Christened by Steve Aoki’s champagne at the age of 18, Peter Brennan states “I just knew it. I had to do this.” A producer/DJ as well as Division I athlete, Brennan looks to add to and build upon American EDM. “Whenever I finish watching ‘Take One’, Swedish House Mafia documentary, I immediately hit the studio and get back to work. It’s like an addiction.” At 19, with an EP on the way and support from blogs like Dirty Mexican Lemonade, Lacrosse Playground and Fist In The Air; Peter Brennan is primed and ready to break into the DC and US dance music scene. A 6’7” giant with fat & juicy beats, Peter Brennan is the up and coming act to see on the Glow Locals Stage.

3 – 3:30 | Peter Psaltakis

School: UMD | Style: Tech-House, Trance, Electro, Dubstep, D&B

Host and resident DJ of Cue Radio at the University of Maryland, Peter Psaltakis has been spinning and broadcasting live on WMUC 88.1 FM for the past three years. Frequently spotted behind the decks at DC clubs and CP house parties, he has also had the opportunity to interview artists like Avicii and Martin Solveig and give away tickets ……………………………………………………………… to some of the East Coast’s biggest festivals.

3:30 – 4 | Evan Baker & Tony Atkinson

Schools: European Business School London, Colby College | Style: Big Room House

Tony Atkinson is an 18 year old DJ from Washington DC. After hardstyle became his first musical love at 13, Atkinson moved on to his current passion of House music in all forms. A DJ for three years, Atkinson hopes to promote his love of House music to the growing crowd of young and vocal supporters of EDM. He hopes to release his current EP project and one day make his mark on dance music.

Evan Baker is an 18 year old musician hailing from Miami, Florida. His musical ability began at an early age, playing the saxophone & clarinet for 6 years. His love for electronic music later developed in his time spent living in Greece and Mexico (2 years each). At first EDM was just something that went along with the European party scene. It later progressed into a passion as he began to DJ and produce in 2009. Baker hopes to focus more on producing in the near future and has original tracks already in the works.


Glow Sessions: 4 – 7pm


4 – 4:45 | Des McMahon & Rez-E

Des McMahon and Rez-E

Producer of Glow Radio on SiriusXM, Des McMahon has opened at Glow events for Sean Tyas and Kyau & Albert in addition to spinning Glow Sessions at Fur Nightclub. As an artist, his productions have been spun by Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Simon Patterson, Joachim Garraud, Sean Tyas, Mat Zo, Daniel Kandi, Marcus Schossow, M.I.K.E, Mike Koglin, Giuseppe Ottaviani and more! He was recently featured on Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Nevermind the Bollock’s compilation!

Funky, crazy & wild. Born in America with Iranian blood flowing through his veins, Rez-E has always been obsessed with dance music. He began DJing at 14 and started producing at 18. He has opened for Wale, Jason Derulo, Wolfgang Gartner & Dieselboy, toured with T-Pain and spun with Des at Fur. He has spun at Lima, Midtown, Current, Eyebar & Club 24.

Des & Rez co-produced ‘Bomba’ which you can download for free at You can follow Des on Twitter @desmcmahon.


4:45 – 5:30 | Matt Goldman

Goldman Press Matt Goldman is climbing the ladder to success, escalator style. From the moment he began it was clear he had a natural affinity for spinning records. In just over a year he has gone from complete unknown to opening for superstar DJ’s such as Tiesto, Afrojack, Avicii numerous times, Kaskade, Max Vangeli, Funkagenda and Thomas Gold.

Matt has quickly established a name for himself on the east coast, with regular bookings at prestigious clubs such as Glow Washington DC and Pacha NYC. He has appeared in many college towns across the country, and his mixes can now be heard blaring at parties anywhere from NYU to USC. Matt’s sound, a combination of uplifting house with dark and heavy underground beats, has won over discerning house music lovers and newcomers to the scene alike.

5:30 – 6:15 | Jon Deke


A halo glows over bloodshot eyes and the wicked grow strong.
Beneath the dirt is where the cool kids go.
The sign reads ‘Members Only.’

Exclusive cults are all the rage.
We redefine and evolve;
Eternally fluent in sound.


6:15 – 7 | Roberto Gonzalez

Roberto Gonzalez Glow Washington DC 2011Diverse. Modest. Committed. Focused. Evolved.

As resident DJ at Glow Washington DC, Roberto Gonzalez opens for the best dance music artists in the world on a weekly basis. He builds the foundation of the Glow experience.

“Many new DJs forget that the job of the opener is to set up the headliner, not upstage them”

Roberto’s taste in EDM has evolved since he started spinning trance in ’99. The diverse range of Glow bookings has helped him grow as a DJ and learn to appreciate all genres of dance music. As a headliner, Gonzalez uses his skills in building an evening and applies them to his love of trance. But as any DJ will tell you, what he loves more than anything is feeding off the crowd.

“The best thing about DJing is just the feeling you get when you share the next or current big track with complete strangers and see how they smile and dance to the music you love.”

DC Locals: 7 – close


7 – 7:45 | Soleiman vs. Sean Falco

DJ Soleiman DC Sean Falco DCSoleiman first entered the arena of live music at the age of 12. His passion for music started with playing the guitar and has developed into a love for DJing and producing. 2007 was the beginning of his career as a DJ. At first sampling and playing all genres of music, he eventually shifted his focus to the genre that captured his heart, EDM.

With musical influences such as Erick Morillo, Thomas Gold, Sultan & Ned Sheppard and Axwell fueling his sets, Soleiman’s events are both captivating and seductive. Currently a resident on at the Eden Rooftop, Soleiman has played at DC clubs  Lima, Vetro, Current, Josephine, Donovan House, Midtown and Muse.

As an in-demand DJ/producer, Sean Falco is poised to bring excitement back to the electronic dance music scene.

A Washington DC native, Falco mixes a variety of genres, electrifying the dance floor and procuring him as a crowd favorite. He has brought his unique style to premier DC venues including Josephine, Eden and Lima Lounge. His mixes remain some of the most downloaded sets in the region week after week.

7:45 – 8:15 | Laroc Cartier

laroc cartier DCLA Born, DC Resident Laroc Cartier is nothing short of an energetic crowd rocker.

A diverse background in music, his key to winning over several audiences throughout the country.

He has headlined in Miami, Chicago, Laguna Beach and maintains residencies at some of the most prestigious venues in Washington DC.

Laroc is currently working with several musicians on upcoming projects and has received support from several well knowns in the dance community.


8:15 – 8:45 | Kevin Melito

Kevin Melito 2011Kevin has been working the Washington DC nightclub circuit for 7 years and has spun his mixes everywhere from NYC, to Miami, to Ibiza.

At the youthful age of 23 Kevin is a rising star and has opened for AfroJack, Pauly D, and is climbing fast. In addition, he’s performed for numerous celebrity events across the county.

He engages and entertains at every turn keeping his audience on their toes. With his diverse styles you never know what world you’ll be thrown into next.

8:45 – 9:15 | Alex Eljaiek

After being immersed in EDM growing up, Washington DC-based Alex Eljaiek taught himself to DJ at the age of 13. He was immediately inspired by the instrumentation, progression and melodies of trance. By 16 he had taught himself to produce. He continued to DJ and make music in college while studying engineering and mathematics.

In 2010 he had his first release; a remix for Smu[th] Music. Not one to be put in a box, Eljaiek’s style combines techy sounds with driving lows and unforgettable melodies crossing all genres of dance music. Influenced by Sander van Doorn, Carl Cox, Markus Schulz and Wippenberg, Eljaiek’s raw, energetic sounds always electrify the crowd. Now 22, Alex is focused on his studio work!

9:15 – 9:45 | Pablo Paco & DJ Ponce

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Pablo Paco is known for his wild ways when spinning. From busting out dance moves to starting champagne showers, there is never a dull moment when Pablo is on stage. At 9 he moved to the US. At 16 he started spinning Latin and Hip-Hop at house parties. As he grewh e began experimenting with an open format, influenced by DJ AM and DJ VICE. In college, Pablo got more involved with EDM, creating his own remixes and mash-ups. Today you can find him spinning in different spots all over DC and MD, as well as producing his own original tracks!

Cesar Ponce de Leon has spent countless amounts of time, energy and college credits producing progressive house and trance and received positive feedback from audiences around the world. Fans describe him as constantly pushing the envelope. He has played throughout DC at venues such as Barcode, Ultrabar, Sweet Spot and more. He has spun twice at the Island Music Festival, one of the biggest dance music festivals in the DMV. In the coming months you’ll hear him releasing terrific remixes and original songs.

9:45 – 10:15 | Anthony Raad

DJing for 10+ years, Anthony Raad knew from an early age that music was a focal point in his life. At 14 he picked up his first turntables and mixer and spent the next year locked in his basement, perfecting his skills. In a digital age where computers dominate and Anthony learned early on that it’s the music that makes the DJ, not the technology.

Anthony has drawn inspiration from EDM juggernauts including Eric Prydz, Andrew Bayer, Deep Dish, Sebastian Leger and Arno Cost; to not only learn from the best, but to cultivate an EDM sound all his own.

He continues to find support in the DC area and is looking forward to his journey as not only a DJ, but a producer that will continue pushing the foundations of EDM.

10:15 – 10:45 | DJ Lookz

Lookz fell in love with music in the 80’s listening to his older brother’s favorites like Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Misfits and Sinatra. He has been a part of everything from thrash metal bands to classical/jazz guitar ensembles and opened for international acts. The release of NWA’s Greatest Hits album in 1996 made Lookz aspire to be a DJ.

He got the opportunity in 2002, spinning breaks and hip-hop mashups for b-boys. He has always appreciated EDM and became more involved after hearing Benny Benassi – Satisfaction in 2003. His influences include Benny, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. Lookz has been performing at DC’s top night clubs ever since.

10:45 – close | Twizm

DJ Twizm dcChris Wolford aka Twizm has been spinning drum & bass at clubs in addition to weddings, bars and house parties for 11 years. He joined Lunchbox Entertainment (LBX) in September 2010 and has done nothing but rise in the Virginia, DC, and MD dance music scenes.

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