This weekend is dedicated to Moonrise. From the Ferris wheel with a great view to endless amounts of dancing, Moonrise always delivers. To make sure you’re properly prepared for an awesome time before it’s too late, we’ve created a Moonrise Essentials Checklist:

1. Double-check to make sure you packed the sunscreen! Or this will be you:



2. Prepare for the hot and sunny weekend ahead of us! Stunna shades: check.

Eye protection has never looked so good

3. Earplugs are a MUST especially when you’re surrounded by loud noises all weekend!

4.) Nothing is worse than a dead phone at a music festival. Remember to bring a battery charger pack or get a mobile charging locker for the weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 7.59.41 AM

5.) Camelbak/refillable water bottle? CHECK! Staying hydrated is priority!

funny gifs

6.) Do a little pre-Moonrise test-run to see if your outfits can handle your killer all-weekend dance skills: Check

And last but certainly not least…
8.) Ticket and ID?: CHECK! You don’t want to be that guy in the group who realizes what you forgot when it’s too late…

The accuracy.

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