Gareth Emery headlining at Glow!

Gareth Emery throwing down at Glow

As he took the reigns Saturday night, he was like a kid in a candy store. With a boyish grin he let loose on Fur’s blaring sirens to let the crowd know, just in case the screaming masses hadn’t happened to realize that Gareth Emery was now in control. He came out with straight thumpers; pulsing beats of the trance variety. Emery controlled the force like Anakin Skywalker, only without the fear. He was relentless, nimbly thumbing through his CD book looking for the next gem that would inspirit, invigorate and inspire the crowd. Blasting the people with ear piercing, euphoric melodies trumpeting over driving, earth shattering bass lines, Emery was one with the music. Usually when we go out, it’s to hear a DJ spin tracks. Gareth however sent more than just music through the speakers. The signal he sent was that of utter joy, it was like he was channeling a piece of himself through the mixer. Hands clapping, body leaping off the ground and singing to himself, it was clear that he is just as at home behind the decks as he would be in the crowd. He truly loves trance and it was evident as he raised his arms in victory and promptly marched around, as if the DJ booth were a victory circle and he had just won Olympic gold.

Gareth Emery spinning at Glow washington dc nightclubs in dc

Gareth Emery spinning at Glow

Straight up, it was a really really good trance party, plain and simple. Emery took old and new, mixed and mashed em like baked potatoes and served ’em buttered up and piping hot to a hungry crowd. Highlights of the night were too numerous to remember, but included Gareth’s remix of Above and Beyond’s “Lonely Girl,” the Myon Collision Mix of the ridiculous mashup Gareth Emery vs. Delerium – “This is Silence,” (quite possibly) his most infamous club banger to date “Exposure,” mixes of classics “Nothing But You” by Paul van Dyk and Tiesto’s “Lethal Industry,” and just a plethora of hard, hammering trance. He literally took a sledge hammer and thwacked the crowd, leaving the ears of anyone not wearing plugs still ringing the next day. To close the night Jedi Master Emery spun of course, the Myon and Shane 54 mashup OceanLab vs. Gareth Emery “On a Metropolis Day.” For an encore he spun Café Del Mar! The place was a madhouse the entire night. Said Gareth, “I love coming to the US, especially DC. They’re ALWAYS up for it.” You’re god damn right we are.

Glow is held every Saturday night at Fur Nightclub DC, and every Thursday night at Lima Restaurant and Lounge DC.  Check out the current lineup of performances at

Gareth Emery at Glow Washington DC nightclub fur dc clubbing

The crowd definitely was feeling it!

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