It’s not often that Glow brings a concert-style production to DC nightlife (although that’s clearly beginning to change). This past Saturday, Wolfgang Gartner brought his 2011 experience to the main room at Fur Nightclub. Using the electrifying LED stage known simply as ‘Medusa’ combined with his boundary pushing sound, Wolfgang aptured the essence of the electronic dance music experience.

Since his emergence in 2007, it appears as though Wolfgang Gartner has hit every note dead center. His popularity has sky rocketed since with a myriad of remixes and singles. Glow, like always, was packed from wall to wall, but the new set up created a different type of atmosphere. Gartner’s show fostered more of a concert feel, which allowed people to enjoy more than just the music. DC nightlife really was treated to an amazing performance.

As the main room began to fill, Harvard Bass pierced the air with his Cali-style electro house sounds; preparing us for a night to remember. When Wolfgang finally took the stage around 12:30, the main room was at capacity. While his stage may have helped capture the attention of the audience, his music did most of the talking. Drop after drop, people when crazy. The crowd moved as one, like a wave of music. He spun Conscindo, Animal Rights, his newest single with Will.I.Am, Forever, Undertaker, Space Junk, Illmerica and more. And with each new drop, people lost their fucking minds.

One of the few extremely successful American DJs, Wolfgang Gartner has made a name for himself not only with his enticing electro house beats, but his ability to get a crowd going. With a solo album on the way and countless singles and remixes to follow, 2011 for Gartner will be a year to remember. Hopefully more DJs will also bring their performances, along with skills to Glow. Nothing beats a concert production!

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