Nic Fanciulli at Glow

Those who braved the elements, who manned up on a frigid 13 degree Thursday night, those who truly care about quality house music, they were the ones rewarded. Like a man possessed, one of two anointed Space Ibiza “Terrace Kings,” Nic Fanciulli came out of the gates in full stride. Controlling Ultrabar’s pulse with thumping bass lines, he layered textured melodies one on top of the other in a copious, emboldening, super tough set. Heineken in hand, Nic wore a devious grin the entire night, knowing that every build up would only lead to more insanity. The cry of dissonant sirens over the build on Joris Voorn’s latest gem (currently unreleased) was like throwing raw meat to a pack of piranhas; devoured by a crowd hungry for more.

It was the crowd just as much as Nic’s seemingly flawless set that truly drove the evening. Packed wall to wall early on, Fanciulli fed off the high energy, debaucherous attitude of his fist pumping and wildly enthralled audience. He threw his hands up, stroked the crowd and knowing he wasn’t ever going to let up, never lost that smirk.. Think of an all black tech house Cadillac, smooth and heavy, bouncing down your block, pulling you off that front porch rocker and whipping your brain into scrambled eggs.

Highlights of the night included an additional track by Joris Voorn entitled “We Are All Clean,” which had people vamping hard towards the end, as well as current international banger “Two Dots” (Nic Fanciulli Remix) by Lusine and Nic’s own production “Work the Week,” which has been gaining tons of worldwide support as of late.

When the lights came on and the Terrace King had finished, a woman’s bra lay wrinkled on the dance floor. “It felt like a real house party,” commented the maestro. ‘Nuff said.

Ravi Bayanker

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