The Bond of Music and Love

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A shining example of what music can accomplish
Interview by Josh van Dyk

Music has the uncanny ability to bring people together and form friendships that last forever. It can also be the foundation for marriage. Jimmy Canales and Jessica ‘Trance Princess’ Urizar are shining examples of that.

Jimmy proposed to Jess on April 27th when Glow hosted Dash Berlin at Echostage. With music being the thing that brought them together, it was only fitting to allow music to cement the next chapter in their lives
dash berlin wedding proposal

Do you remember the first time you met?

January 21, 2012 – Glow had George Acosta at Fur Nightclub. I guess you can say I was pretty wasted. It’s funny because while being in the zone of dancing (shuffling to be exact) this cute girl just comes out of nowhere and starts to dance around me in circles. I obviously didn’t know who she was but did not mind it at all.”

Did you know right away that this relationship would last this far?

Well I never really know how long it’s going to last when I date someone. I normally go with the flow. I knew Jimmy was special though. He was way different from all of my previous boyfriends and I knew that I loved him for being the amazing man he is.

jimmy and jess

Can you describe the proposal?

Man oh man.. The proposal, was by far the most nerve racking thing ever! I was crappin myself. Saving every single dime and penny that I possibly could. Asking around everyone or anyone that I could until I asked three people – Antonis, Ravi, and the man himself, DASH BERLIN. If it wasn’t for them nothing would have gone by plan. What helped me the most was the support by my friends. My main goal was to catch Jessica by surprise and it did, it really did 🙂

Has the dance music scene impacted your relationship at all?

If it wasn’t for this scene, we wouldn’t have met. We are both heavily into the scene and the music, especially trance. We both love to dance and shuffle and it’s very meaningful…. I’m glad that because of this scene, I also met my future husband. I don’t know how some people have their views on this but to me its not a phase, its a lifestyle. I don’t think I could ever get tired of it. I hope that when me and Jimmy get older that we still go out time to time to an event or rave. Its how we met and we will definitely tell our kids about it!

shuffle couples

How did Mr. and Ms. Shuffle come about?

Mr. & Mrs. Shuffler!!! 🙂 [It] started mainly because of our friends or just random people at the club. Since me and Jessica are known to be the shuffling couple of DC everyone would always say ” Hey! It’s Mr. & Mrs. Shuffler!” Every since then it’s stuck with us. Come the day of DayGlow with Bingo Players and Dada Life we decided to do something corny lol. I made a shirt that said “Mr Shuffler” and Jessica “Mrs Shuffler” why the hell not right? 🙂

Any advice you can give to people trying to find love?

My advice is don’t look for it. It will just happen. Its funny because when me and Jimmy met, I had just given up on my last relationship, there was no love anymore and I had no more hope that it would work. When we met, we became friends and while we were friends he had just broken up with his girlfriend of like 4 years. It wasn’t because of me, she cheated so he broke up with her. After that we became more flirtatious with each other and then everything just kind of fell in between and it just happened within a few months.

We didn’t plan it, we weren’t looking for it, it was just meant to be. That’s the way I look at it. Don’t ever look for it, let it come to you. Don’t force it, let it happen naturally. Some of my friends I feel like they rush into relationships or try to find someone just so they won’t be single but it shouldn’t be that way. I feel like everything that happens is suppose to happen and God meant for it to be that way. I think we all have our chosen one. So even if we don’t find that person right away, you will. Don’t worry :]
trance couples

Moral of the story?

I guess the lesson to be learned here is that love is one of those things that just happens. Fall in love with something and you’ll fall in love with someone.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Shuffler!! ☺

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  1. priscilla says:

    yep. us too. armin at fur st pattys day 2007. he was doing lights, was the best one there(still is hands down) and i held his jacket for him so he could. we’ve been in the scence since ’99, still going strong. We live by “music is the answer, to your problems.” If you stop dancin together, you stop livin together.

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