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COSMIC GATE are back at GLOW this Saturday! This German duo have been dedicated to over ten years of trance melodies. Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (D J Bossi) met in 1998 and haven’t left each others side since. ‘Body of Conflict’, ,Not Enough Time’, ‘I Feel Wonderful’, ‘F.A.V.’, ‘Analog Feel’, ‘Exploration of Space’ and ‘Fire Wire’ are some of the memorable dancefloor hits that they have created. In 2009, this pair had the highest climb to No. 19 in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll.

GLOW: How hopeful are you that Trance will come back? Do you think it will since there is a lot more technology and different sounds that have birthed over the years?

COSMICGATE: We think that Trance is getting back already for a few years, only it simply sounds different than it did many years before, and this is good! Trance, House and progressive or tribal influences get mixed together, and the new Trance sound can be combined with more old school kind of uplifting Trance sounds in one set; this is giving the whole scene a new kick!

GLOW: What productions are coming up for you in 2010? Please list title.

COSMIC GATE: Our new Single London Rain just got released on all download platforms, and in a few weeks time, a Deluxe Edition of our latest Album Sign of the Times will be released. The online version holds nearly 4 hours of music; it contains all the hit remixes, plus 6 brand new unreleased mixes from hot remixers like Arty or George Acosta, definitively a must for every Cosmic Gate fan.

GLOW: What drew you to remix the Avatar theme?

COSMIC GATE: We simply love the movie, and were honored when the request came over, and we did not hesitate a second if we should remix or not. It’s the most successful movie of all time, and to be the only official approved remixer for the theme song makes us very proud!

GLOW: Are you collaborating with any producers in the future?

COSMIC GATE: We sure will collaborate with other producers in the future, but nothing to talk about here yet, we will keep you posted for sure!

GLOW: New producers that you like?

COSMIC GATE: There is quiet some good producers coming up ATM, like Ashley Wallbridge, or also Arty and Steve Bryan that remixed for us on the above mentioned Deluxe Edition of Sign of the Times. These are some guys to watch out for!

GLOW: What roles do you play to make up Cosmic Gate?

COSMIC GATE: We actually do everything concerning Cosmic Gate together–from productions to gigs, interviews, listening new music, travelling, and we even live in the same street ![laughs]

GLOW: What are your top five tracks that you are playing at the moment and what CLUB GLOW will hear?

1. Cosmic Gate- London Rain
2. Nic Chagall, Wippenberg, Rank 1 – 100
3. Purple Haze – Hymn 2.0
4. Cosmic Gate – Barra
Kyau + Albert + Above + Beyond – Anphonic

GLOW: I know you all were playing during the World Cup, who were you rooting for and how were those bookings for you? Crazy I can imagine.

COSMIC GATE: During the World Cup, we had the pleasure to even play 3 gigs in South Africa. It was amazing to combine gigs, plus having the chance to see two matches live, Spain vs. Portugal and Brazil vs. Chile. It was moments we will never forget! The atmosphere in the stadiums was fantastic, and Vuvuzelas live are actually fun and not annoying at all. [laughs]

GLOW: What kind of experience do you always have when you come to GLOW?

COSMIC GATE: We already play at GLOW for so many years. It’s always like coming home and meeting a lot of friends, the crowd is well educated and follows us from the newest tracks to classic tunes, always a pleasure and honor for us to be part of a great night!!

GLOW: Any favorite places to come to when you are here?

COSMIC GATE: Unfortunately there is never too much time while touring, but we visited some nice museums already, especially the Air and Space museum [we liked a lot]. Actually the whole center of DC is worth a visit for everyone that has not been there yet!

-Dee Sanae

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