Joris Voorn: New Kid on the Block?

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Joris Voorn wanted to start his life as an architect but soon decided to change his life plans, to that of a music producer. He is also an avid reader and loves a good film or book with imagination and meaning. On his MySpace page you find a varied list of his favorites. He was voted favorite Dutch DJ in 2003 and has techno roots. But his sounds range from “atmospheric interludes to broken beats, house and deep soulful techno.” He has been producing since 2000 and has been supported by Laurent Garnier, DJ Rush, and Carl Craig. Let’s see who he is and what Joris has planned in the near future!

Q & A by Dee Sanae

GLOW: With your list of music, films and books on your MySpace page, which book would you add to the list? Which one would you pick from your current list as the top one?

Joris Voorn: I just finished Ian McEwan’s book called ‘Solar’, very funny and educative. Now reading David Mitchell’s ‘The thousand autumns of Jacob de Zoet’, which is a beautifully written history of the Dutch in Japan during the VOC time.

GLOW: Have you ever been inspired for one of your tracks by a film or book that you love? If so what track (title) and name what works it is associated with?

Joris Voorn: I’ve used many quotes from American writer Don Delillo for my Green Records.
The most funny one was ‘Coming from the shower after a late night with a failed date’. It was the second EP on Green featuring , MPX_309 and Many Reasons.

GLOW: What’s the coolest thing that you wear that UDG has given you?

Joris Voorn: A record bag, back in 2004 I think… I don’t think I’m still sponsored, at least I didn’t receive anything for 5 years [laughs]

GLOW: On a scale of one to ten, where would you personally gauge where you are in your music career?

Joris Voorn: Hmmm… That’s a difficult one… Let’s say I’m very happy to have come to where I am today, I would have never guessed!

GLOW: What’s this tour based around?

Joris Voorn: It’s based around good music 😉

GLOW: What’s a quote that you live by every day?

Joris Voorn: “Carpe Diem”, it sounds cliché but it works.

GLOW: You are considered one the of the new kids on the block, what do you have in store for this year? How do you wish to continue your image?

Joris Voorn: New kid on the block? It must be because I look young I guess. Funny thing
is that in the US nobody seems to know that I’ve been doing two albums and one mix CD before 2008.
I’m currently working on a remix of my 2004 (!) hit called, Incident among many other tracks and remixes, looks like it will be a busy summer in the studio.

GLOW: In a recent interview, Simon Dunmore said he thought you one of the most exciting producers. He said, “There are some new kids around, people like Joris Voorn who has some really well produced and solid productions. But I’d like to see him put something on top of what are amazing grooves and
well produced tracks; I’d love to see him put a song or something that takes it that little step further.” Do you have any tracks that you are currently working on that would take it a little step further?

Joris Voorn: It’s true that many of my latest releases and remixes have been quite groove based. I used to have way more melody in my music, especially in my two albums, but I got a bit tired of that. Right now I’m getting slightly tired of the groove only tracks, so my coming album will be completely different. I love songs, but usually not in dance music, things can get cheesy very easily.

GLOW: Who do you want to collaborate with in the future?

Joris Voorn: I’m working on a track with Green Velvet, my first vocal collaboration, so
we’ll see how that goes, but I’m very excited about it!

GLOW: What are your plans for Ibiza?

Joris Voorn: Lots of gigs this year at We Love Space, 6 to be exact!

GLOW: What can you say about CLUB GLOW so far and what can the audience expect from you?

Joris Voorn: Never been there before, so I can’t tell, but I’m sure it will be good!

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