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Holding the nickname of King of Space, Steve Lawler has given us Nu: Breed on Global Underground, the Lights Out Series and the new VIVa series. He’s been in the game for 17 years now. His sets were not form fitting to the progressive house label he was under, such as Excession or even the aforementioned CD series. You cannot deny him the knack to give you house, electro, and minimal all in one night. He knows how to throw a party full of interactive visuals, graphics and themes to match. In 2006 Steve became more in control of his career and the course of where he wanted to take his music. In return, his record label VIVa began. Creatively governed by Steve himself and possessing impeccable attention to detail with flash, his website was designed to be showy. “I have creative direction over everything within my company and also with VIVa Music. I’m always thinking our design could be better. My favorite thing about the website was the navigation with the CD buttons.”

VIVa is Steve Lawler’s newest CD series, which stems from his 2006 born record label, VIVa. This record label was one of the first labels to be digital only.

For Steve the Lights Out series seemed to be the series he would say was his favorite, even though it was hard for him to pick. “..If I had to choose I would have to say ‘Lights Out’ because it was a concept series, and especially with Lights Out Volume.1. I spent nearly 4 months putting that together. All in all, Steve relishes and prides his work to be than just music. He specifically wanted to give the crowd an experiential ambience while listening to his music on tour. For each series that he has released, Steve explains what he wanted to accomplish, “I always wanted to give more to my audience, more than just another mix of tracks, which is why I did these albums built around concepts. Like with Lights Out the tours decor would emulate the artwork’ not just in design but also in materials, and the VIVa series doing three discs divided into 3 different styles of music referring to different nights. And to be honest, I feel this was copied by many. I personally like to push things forward and look to the next thing, and this drives me creatively.”

His newest singles will be Gimme Some More, a new remix on Supernature and Be As One, and a “plethora of new VIVa music releases… I have one more week in the studio and that’s me done for the summer with productions as I will be on tour for four month., I am moving to Barcelona so I expect a whole new wave of influence and inspiration to get me in the studio again throughout the winter, which is when I will continue work on my album.” But before he gets started in the studio this fall, Steve shares what song best describes him at the moment and personal at that. His response, “As I am getting married in August, I would say ‘Love is in the Air’ [smiles] (Congratulations Steve!)

Steve will not be playing as dark this time around when he’s in DC but expects CLUB GLOW this Thursday to give him a lot of energy. That won’t be a problem at all!

-Dee Sanae

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