Martin Solveig’s Got Some Pipes!

martin solveig smashA-Trak’s recent remix of Martin Solveig – The Night Out has been mislabeled!

No, it’s not Thomas Mars from Phoenix singing, it’s actually Martin himself. The guy’s got skills!

The track itself has a killer indie-dance vibe reminiscent of The Killers (no pun intended), Passion Pit, The Temper Trap and Friendly Fires. It’s one of those ‘soundtrack to our lives’ tunes that can strike a chord in anyone, anywhere, at any time.

A-trak’s remix bring a gritty, electro vibe with big room drums. It’s a sure-fire favorite amongst hipsters and Long Island girls alike.

With over 100,000 listens on Soundcloud in its first week, the track has definitely blown up and will be featured in a ton of DJs’ sets. We just wanted ya to know it was Martin on the vocals!

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