EDM legend Chicane is set to release his 4th studio album on August 2nd. The rave reviews given to ‘Behind The Sun’ and ‘Far From The Maddening Crowds’, his first two albums, cooled off as he flipped their style on ‘Somersault.’ This downtempo trance master has now come back to his quintessential style.

‘Giants’ has already garnered praise from loyal Chicane fans with tracks like ‘Come Back’, ‘Poppiholla’ and a remake of ‘Hiding All the Stars.’

1. Barefoot
2. Middledistancerunner ft. Adam Young (Album Mix)
3. Come Back (original club mix)
4. What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1)
5. Giants
6. Poppiholla (5am mix)
7. So far out to sea
8. Where do I start?
9. From Where I Stand
10. Hiding all the stars
11. What Am I Doing Here? (Part 2)
12. Titles

You can preview every track from EDM legend Chicane’s 4th studio album at amazon.com

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