Armada Vocal Competition

By Ravi in DJ News, DJ's, EDM, EDM News
Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 2:19pm Add comments

An Armada vocal competition?!?! There’s always a remix contest for one track or another. But how often do we see vocal competitions? Exactly.

Our job is to let you know what opportunities are available, it’s your job to go out, grab the world by the balls, and make something of yourselves. If you think you can sing, if you love trance, if you want to be the next Susanna, Carrie Skipper, Emma Hewitt, Jennifer Rene or Nadia Ali, this is your chance. And gentlemen? Don’t be shy. Let’s hear those basses rock.

As an unofficial, non-sanctioned, but most likely doable promise… if you win this contest you can come sing live at a Glow event. Remember, this promise has not been made by the bosses, just by me, your humble web content editor. But still, if you win it will probably happen. But more than that, if you win you get to release on Armada for the world to hear!!!


Details can be found at Armada vocal competition

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