Avicii is in the midst of a project that allows aspiring producers from across the globe to collaborate with him on his next single.

The collaboration project is being run in 5 stages over 6 weeks. Each week, artists will be able to join by creating and uploading samples based on specific themes determined by Avicii.

Melody starts January 9, Bassline: January 16, Beat/Rhythm: January 23, Break: January 30, Effects: February 7

Mr. Bergling (who?) will act as executive producer, hand choosing bass, effects, melody, rhythm and vocals. He’ll put his three favorite contributions on a weekly basis and put them up for a public vote. Once all the pieces have been selected (hopefully they’re all in the same key) Avicii will start producing.

“Avicii x You” will premiere February 26, 2013.
Get started producing and submit your tracks at aviciixyou.com

“My main ambition with this project is to create a large, worldwide music collaboration. It will be incredibly cool to create a house piece out of so many talented artists’ different ideas,”

– Avicii

This track is a perfect example of how highly globalized our world has become.
The technological revolution has broken nearly every communications barrier that has ever existed.

“With the ‘Avicii x You’ project we are trying again to shift a paradigm and for it to become another ‘first’ using today’s possibilities through social technology. As usual, we hope to raise awareness not only for Avicii being an amazing producer, but also for the electronic dance music scene and how song producing is not exclusive to only trained musicians. It’s a world-inspiring, community-engaging and fun project,”

– Ash Pournouri, At Night Management

Besides Signing, music is the one language that everyone can understand. Whether you speak Hindi, Chinese or Polish; you can still speak to others through the sound of music. And that is the point we believe Avicii, Ash, Ericson, Universal Music and VEVO are trying to make.

All royalties will be donated to the House For Hunger. Founded in 2011 by Avicii and Pournouri to fight global hunger, the organization’s opening promotion enabled the EDM star and his manager to personally donate 1 million USD to Feeding America.

The track’s creative process will be documented on camera and premiered throughout the project on VEVO.

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