Behind the Scenes at Echostage: Sound & Light Design

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Echostage’s Phase 2 technical renovations will feature the best sound and lighting design the world has to offer.

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OHM Productions, the force behind Echostage’s technical framework, utilizes the most advanced technologies in the concert industry. It all starts with the most vital element, the sound system.

“When choosing what system to install, we looked into several options,” says engineer Mike DeMattia. “Our final choice was the d&b V-Series. Its remarkable clarity, extraordinary dynamic bandwidth, impressive power capability and headroom make it a highly efficient and flexible stand-alone system. Holding a wider range with same driver arrangement and horizontal dispersion, it is the veritable complement to bigger systems. If you liked the low end before, wait till you hear the new system!”

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d&b is the preferred speaker of Coldplay audio engineer Dan Green and his system technician Tony Smith. “I hear it has proved so popular that the boxes are rarer than dry days this summer. I’d also like to try the system on its own on a theatre tour,” commented Smith in a d&b interview.

For acoustical and safety reasons, d&b line arrays are designed using the d&b ArrayCalc calculator, a simulation tool for planning system configurations. This includes defining the quantity and optimum aiming of loudspeakers, calculating sub woofer arrays as well as their time alignment with the main arrays. It documents the weights and overall dimensions of arrays and produces printable rigging plots and parts lists.

Echostage also uses custom software for wireless sound control. This allows engineers to walk around and make live adjustments! OHM owner Jeff Darby also been working with the venue’s architects to make major improvements to the overall acoustics

An example of the software used for the sound system control and speaker placement. These are not the actual specs of Echostage.

An example of the software used for the sound system control and speaker placement. These are not the actual specs of Echostage’s system.

The next element is creating incredible visuals for each show. Echostage and OHM want every experience to feel unique. They use custom media servers and software to engage the crowd by providing intense visual displays on an enormous, multi-layered LED wall.

To complete the ultimate concert experience, engineers will be using the Full Boar 4 lighting console, the latest in lighting technology. The new lighting system will include the most up to date fixtures, adding to the unforgettable visual experience.

lighting equipment at echostage

Echostage exceeds all expectations of what a concert experience should be. Technology is ever-changing and Echostage is at the forefront of the business!

Below is a pre-renovation video of Armin van Buuren’s opening track on October 4, 2012.

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