Bobina Continues Space Race

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Club Glow and DC nightlife favorite and DJ Magazine #25 Bobina is set to release ‘Rocket Ride,’ his debut artist album, this summer!

A 10 track filler-free album, its every bit a forward look at the music he has primed for the summer and beyond. Rocket Ride is truly a listening experience out of this world!

This anticipated album is set for its exclusive Beatport download release worldwide on June 26. It becomes available worldwide on iTunes on July 10!

Rocket Ride blasts off with a ton of moving trance pieces with guest appearances from

• Sabrina Altan
• Betsie Larkin
• Ilya Soloviev
• Alan Connor
• Erin Marsz

Bobina – Rocket Ride track list
1. Here Comes The Night
2. Invisible Touch
3. You Belong To Me (feat. Betsie Larkin)
4. Rocket Ride
5. Angel Of The North (feat. Sabrina Altan)
6. Pune
7. Let You In (feat. Erin Marsz)
8. Lamento Sentimental
9. Caught In The Rain (feat. Alan Connor)
10. Scream Dream (with Ilya Soloviev)

The world’s first manned spaceflight was by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s in 1961, Russian trance producer/DJ Bobina is commemorating this monumental accomplishment 50 years later with the album title.

Bobina, also known as Dmitry Almazov, is Russia’s #1 electronic music export. Known for his electro and progressive trance styles, Rocket Ride seeks to musically capture his fascination with the night sky.

His past performances at Club Glow have captured the minds of DC nightlife and taken fans of trance in DC to new heights! His live sets on Glow Radio are amazing!

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