Cookies with a Smile, Fight Club is Closed, Red Meat White Noise, yes, Dada Life knows a thing or two about big, fat, monstrous bass. But how do they do it?


The Sausage Fattner plug in of course! Whether it’s champagne, bananas, or fat, greasy sausage, Dada Life is always able to bring slick, sticky, fatty goodness to the dance floor. The VST plug in is already being used by Tiesto, Diplo, Kaskade and Laidback Luke and more!

With only 2 knobs, one might think the Sausage Fattner is a simple tool, when in fact it’s a diesel studio weapon. It can be used as a compressor, to create distortion, as a bus or even as a mastering tool!

All in all, it’s safe to say that Dada Life has a pretty fat sausage connect over there in Sweden and if you like it fat and greasy, you know where to go!

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