5 DJ Mag Top 100 Trends - The Future of Dance?

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— Vote for the Best DJs of 2011! —

Since 1997, DJ Magazine has run the prestigious Top 100 DJs poll. Many argue that in recent years it has become more about popularity than talent. Some claim it should be called the Top 100 DJ/Producer poll (or the other way around) due to the fact that unless an artist is producing hits, he/she probably isn’t getting booked internationally. Most techno and tech-house fans swear by Resident Advisor’s poll, which caters nearly exclusively to the underground.


The DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs poll is the best representation of where dance music is headed.

It more or less depicts the state of electronic dance music.


Trends to watch:

Trance or House?

  • Will Armin van Buuren be #1 5 years in a row?
  • Can David Guetta’s mainstream reach pull him to the top?
  • Will Tiesto’s open EDM format help or hurt?
  • Are Big Room/Dutch House artists like Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Avicii and the members of Swedish House Mafia going to rise?

Emerging Genres?

  • Appealing to a new generation, will Dubstep be represented?
  • Where will Skrillex and Rusko land?
  • Will Steve Aoki’s reckless stage dives break him in?


  • Will Boy George (yes, THE Boy George) make the Top 100 again?
  • Which labels will have the most artists in?
  • Which DJ(s) will have the best and worst “Vote for Me!” videos?
  • Amidst past accusations of ballot stuffing, will anyone be publicly ousted?

Glow Washington DC

  • In 2010 Armin chose Lima as Best New Venue due to Glow’s arrival.
  • In 2010 David Guetta claimed not one new venue he visited compared to his favorite venue in the world – Club Glow Washington DC
  • Can life get any better?

Social Media

Voting is easier than ever. This year it’s being run exclusively through DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ Poll Facebook app. EDM’s appeal to US college students and mainstream fans, combined with Facebook’s ease and ability to aggregate consumers, will allow for a record number of votes.

— How to Vote —

armin and tiesto

Remember when no one knew who these guys were? But Glow was still booking them? And DC nightlife was still packing out the club? We do!


  1. Click HERE. You will be redirected to Facebook.

  2. When prompted, click ‘allow’ to activate the app.

  3. ‘Like’ the DJmag page.

  4. Enter the names of your top 5 DJs.

  5. Submit your vote!

Click here for results from 1997-2008
Click here for results from 2007-2010

2008: David Guetta – #5, Axwell – #20, Angello – #63, Laidback Luke – #46, Ingrosso – #103, Kaskade – #121
2010: David Guetta – #2, Axwell – #10, Angello – #14, Ingrosso – #16, Laidback Luke – #17, SHM – #23, Kaskade – #35

Paul van Dyk – Top 6 since 1998 (2 #1s)
Tiesto – Top 3 since 2002 (3 #1s)
Armin – Top 5 since 2002 (4 #1s)

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