Mean Muggin' Bass for Your Face

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Cypress Hill DJ/Producer Gets Wubbed
DJ Muggs prepares to release dubstep album 

Everyone and their mother is on the bass music bandwagon and it’s kind of annoying. But a legend like DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins) pretty much as a free pass to do whatever the f*** he wants. We were intrigued, needless to say, when we heard the man who produced House of Pain’s “Jump Around” was coming out with his ‘Bass for Your Face’ album on Ultra Music.

“About six years ago, I started checking it out. It was super super underground and dark… I am always looking for that underground thing, that next thing, that form of inspiration.”

– DJ Muggs on his first brush with bass

“I was trying to take the spirit, that raw PE energy and give it a futuristic twist. Chuck is one of my heroes man, I grew up on Chuck D, being educated by him and inspired by him, it’s an honor to work with him. “

The first single off the 12-track album is a collaboration with legendary Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. Wikid is a bad ass track that really covers the spectrum of bass that Muggs is trying to cover. It’s dubstep, it’s glitch, it’s grimy electronica at its finest. Oh, did we mention our boy Des McMahon did an official remix for it? Congrats, buddy.

You can grab a copy of Wikid on iTunes.

The full-length album also features tracks with Dizzee Rascal, Freddie Gibbs, Danny Brown, Belle Humble, Roc Marci, Killa P. It’s not your typical rap album or a dubstep work for that matter. ‘Bass for Your Face’ is more of a 21st century bass work that takes rap, grime, dub, MCs and vocalists, cooks em up and smokes that ish in an alley. For real.

“I met Dizzee through my friend Bun B. We were on this thing called the Gumball Rally, a race from London to Instanbul. He said, ‘You should get with my boy Dizzee Rascal’, so he came to my LA Studio and we did the song.”

On “Trapp Assassin” Gary, Indiana native Freddie Gibbs goes hard with some harsh, G’d up realities.

“Safe” features UK vocalist Bella Humble features some ravey basslines and was made for the big room club DJs.

“Unknown” features Romy Harmony, a Finnish singer Muggs discovered on SoundCloud. She cried when he approached her. “Makes me wonder how much undiscovered talent there was twenty years ago in some corner of the world,” he reflects.

It’s far from a safe record, but Muggs wouldn’t have it any other way.

“What I tried to do was make this kind of record that real hip hop heads that aren’t really into dubstep would like, and show them the similarities that I found in some of the early dubstep stuff. The stark beats, dark minimalistic shit reminded me of the early hip-hop stuff, the T La Rock stuff, the early Mantronix productions—just kicks, snares and 808s. When I’m hearing that, it’s the same to me – it’s got the same spirit, that underground spirit.”


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