Ferry Corsten, A "Full On" Interview

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Connecting with fans and keeping it real.
Contributing Writer Matt Eitel

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When consumers in the good ‘ole US-of-A decide something is ‘mainstream,’ there are endless ways for those involved to capitalize on it. Whether it’s money, famey or simply spreading their craft; everyone takes advantage of the chance to reach the masses. The producers of dance music are no different. From becoming the face of a brand, remixing Top 40 hits and spreading their talent to a broad, ripe and eager fan base; EDM producers are enjoying the bountiful feast of mainstream America.

One man, however, has refused to increase his exposure through gimmicks. He has pushed forward with his craft, letting his music speak for him. That man is Ferry Corsten.

Since he started, Ferry’s music has set trends for producers across many genres of music. Even today, his hard hitting, dirty 4 to the floor productions leave dance floors gasping for air and soaked in a palpable energy. And he does it simply for the love of it.

“…being number one has never been my ambition. I need to feel what I am doing and going after the number one slot, I would have to make too many concessions. That’s the biggest difference when it comes to me.”

Ferry’s integrity has remained intact throughout his rise to fame. A global following has kept in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs poll since his debut in 1999. The most striking thing, upon meeting the ‘Full On’ phenom, however, is his ordinariness. This is in no way a knock. On contrary. Ferry is without pretense and very down to earth – refreshing for a man who has sampled a healthy heaping of world-wide fame. This grass root, salt-of-the-earth humbleness has kept Ferry in close touch with his fans.

In 2007, Ferry launched his own radio show, Corsten’s Countdown. The weekly broadcast can be heard on SiriusXM’s Electric Area, iTunes and FERRYCORSTEN.com. Dissatisfied with a weekly broadcast, Ferry wanted sought a way to keep his fans involved, a reflection of his character. To do this, he made the show interactive, inviting listeners to vote for their top three tracks each week online.

Not one to sit idly on his laurels, Ferry has continued to push the envelope in providing his music and experiences to his fans. Earlier this year, he launched ‘Ferry’s Fix’ – a continuously mixed audio stream with minimal voice overs, no guests and all the music you can stand.

“The idea is for Ferry’s Fix to be expanded to blogs and websites,” as opposed to radio broadcast, “[Ferry’s Fix is] more like a glorified mix session than a radio show. It’s for the fans and for me to put together music I love and have a good time doing it.”

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But that’s not all Ferry has done to push the envelope. He has stepped up as one of the pioneers of streaming live sets. On the August 4, 2012, Ferry teamed up with Be @ TV to provide a stream of his set at the Nature One festival in Germany. The heart pounding set is available to fans, providing a unique view of Ferry in the booth mixing, mashing and working his magic.

On August 31, Ferry Corsten brought his “Full On” concert tour to the US. Not your standard club fare, “Full On” illustrates the symbiotic relationship between different genres of EDM through back-to-back DJ sets featuring trance, house and electro. This inaugural US-date showcased live vocals from Betsie Larkin and an outrageous format, with Audien, Michael Woods, Micahel Woods vs. Ferry Corsten, Ferry Corsten, Ferry Corsten vs. Gabriel & Dresden and finally Gabriel & Dresden. The event was mind blowing!

Ferry’s humble nature has remained through it all, never bowing to the temptation of endorsing products he wouldn’t use himself.

“… I would need to feel the partnership. If I didn’t identify with a product I couldn’t endorse it. I need to stand for quality.”


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