Neither Have We! But Here’s the Scoop…

The album hasn’t been released.

Even a prospective track listing has been elusive.

But fans are already speculating which tracks from the past year will be on Paul van Dyk – Evolution


As the Evolution tour rips across Europe, we can make a few educated guesses as to what will make the cut:

  • Rock This
  • We Come Together
  • All the Stars

Based on the production value of his most recent remixes:

  • Moby – Lie Down in Darkness
  • Rea Garvey – Can’t Stand the Silence
  • Hurt – Sunday


We can expect Evolution to be one of best new trance albums of 2011.

Paul van Dyk has ignited dancefloors and shaped the sound of trance since the early 90’s. Hits like For an Angel (1994), Home (1997), Forbidden Fruit (1997) and Namistai (2000) are still being remixed fifteen years later!

His album Reflections (2003), which included classics like “Time of Our Lives” and “Nothing But You” earned him a Grammy nomination and led him to hold
the #1 DJ (DJMag) in 2005 and 2006.

Paul van Dyk’s 2007 album ‘In Between’ produced some of the best big-room trance tracks of the year with tunes like “Complicated” and “New York City.”

Contributing Writer: Zoe Disselkoen

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