George Acosta defined the sound of Glow and has now released his newest album. Visions Behind Expressions includes 14 brand new tracks ranging from the poppy “Nothing You’ve Ever Seen,” to the deep, progressive “True Love” and “Beautiful.” Visions Behind Expressions “straddles the line between what’s considered house and trance.” The album definitely appeals to a wide audience, and still hits the true trance and progressive fan with some deeper, hard hitting tracks like “Crystalline” and “Things Are Not The Way They Used To Be” featuring Gerry Cueto.

In an interview with his home label, Blackhole Recordings, he was quoting as saying “for me, the album is a vocal album. At first, it was mostly composed of instrumental tracks” But after countless work with famous trance vocalist, Fisher, Acosta “decided to make the switch from a mostly instrumental to mostly vocal album.” He continues to mention how this album is an expression of his thoughts, feelings and emotion. The album features vocalists Emma Lock (huge in the trance scene), Fisher, Terry Bennett and Jerique Allen.

George Acosta has been known for his melodic, uplifting progressive trance tunes. This album not only cements that truth, but also shows that he is able to branch out and try his hand at other EDM genres. As said by George Acosta, “It is my drive and passion for music that has literally given me visions behind expressions.”

01. Intro: The Way She Loves (featuring Fisher)
02. Love Rain Down (featuring Fisher)
03. Nothing You’ve Ever Seen (featuring May Britt)
04. Break Me Down (featuring Fisher)
05. Something About You (featuring Terry Bennett)
06. Beautiful (featuring Fisher)
07. Never Fear (featuring Emma Lock)
08. Falling Deep (featuring Emma Lock)
09. Tearing Me Apart (featuring Fisher)
10. True Love (featuring Fisher)
11. Crystalline
12. The Way She Loves (featuring Fisher)
13. Things Are Not The Way They Used To Be (vs. Gerry Cueto)
14. Round The Clock (featuring Jerique Allan)

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