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Markus Schulz can do it all. He is one of the best. Not only the best in terms of just trance music, but also in terms of EDM on the whole. His music captivates all, from the die-hard trance head to fresh listener.

While his skills at the decks are often unmatched by many, his true colors shine in the studio. Most recently Mr. Schulz introduced the world to his second alter-ego album, titled Thoughts Become Things II. Markus Schulz’s alter-ego Dakota has provided a unique channel into the darker, brooding realms of trance music. But to just call this trance music undermines the entire album.

Markus Schulz pres. Dakota – Thoughts Become Things 2 is a far-cry from just trance. There are no vocals on the album. Each track delivers a bass-kicking, heart-pounding rhythm. Markus pushes the pedal all the way down from start to finish. Schulz often quotes his Dakota alias as a project which has “separate set of tempos, sound-ranges and FX rules.” The entire album is used as a device to bring the listener one step closer to a feeling of euphoria. This music is meant to be played loud and in a strobe-lit underground dance spot.

Starting with ‘Gypsy Room,’ a dark melodic progressive track, Markus moves to a faster, more techno sounding ‘Red Star,’ and continues with the mysterious ‘Where It Went Wrong.’ Slowly building up anticipation and speed, the dark, surreal sound of Dakota transforms becoming a house-fueled ‘Terrace 5am,’ which builds up to another summer bomb, “Sleepwalkers.” This pattern of building up and slowing down continues for the entirety of the album.

For Markus Schulz, Dakota marks a divergence from the normal. Referencing not only trance, but also many of dance’s sub genres, Thoughts Become Things II is the perfect companion for long road trips or ending a night out on the town or anything in between.

The entire playlist is available at Armada Music’s YouTube page

Markus Schulz headlines with Gareth Emery and Armin van Buuren at Space Ibiza on 8/17/11. As soon as he’s finished he’ll hop a flight and make the 8-hour trip from Spain to DC in order to bring a little trance to the Washington DC leg of IDentity Festival!

Review by Eli Menninger

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