Moombahton Hits NY Lotto Jackpot

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 11:00am. (Updated: 8/14/12 at 6:06pm) Add comments

Sweat, Money, Moombahton

NY-based Moombahton producers Sazon Booya hit the jackpot recently with a feature in a NY Lotto commercial.

The :30 ad for the “Cash Blast” game features George Washington, Abe Lincoln and their dollar bill brethren going balls out at a beach party with Mr. Vega and Stephen Vasquez behind the decks.


Abe Lincoln grubbing HARD at a food cart, Andrew Jackson spitting game to a fine bitty by the fire, Ulysses S. Grant giving some chick a champagne facial and Ben Franklin skinny dipping. That’s what happens when presidents listen to Moombahton. Just wait ’til we get Obama out on the Glow Patio.

The soundtrack features “Oye Mami,” the duo’s latest release, due out this fall.

Being DC-based, we’re pretty damn proud to see Moombahton reaching higher and holding tighter to EDM. From the impromptu slowing down of a Chuckie track to WMC showcases to being featured in sets by Diplo and Skrillex to the NY Lotto. It goes perfectly with The Empire State’s lottery motto… “Hey, ya never know.”

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