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“I wouldn’t have imagined such a political town would have such rowdy people!”

2 years after seeing Deadmau5 walk the red carpet for remixing The Longest Road; Morgan Page stepped into the limelight with his remix of Nadia Ali – Fantasy.


Page’s 2010 album Believe brought him a nomination for Best Breakthrough Artist at the 2010 International Dance Music Awards at WMC. His latest single In The Air (from his forthcoming third album) features Angela McCluskey. It was co-produced with Sultan & Ned Shepard and BT.

Says Page, “‘In The Air’ is about capturing the excitement of being in the moment.” Volleying from BT’s kettledrum into gorgeous synth swells, the song is as expansive as it is enthralling. As for Angela McCluskey’s vocals, they can only be described as hauntingly powerful. The new Hardwell remix comes out on 9/13/11.

Morgan recently sat down for a chat with Whitney Peach (Panorama Productions, The Examiner) to discuss that rowdy DC bunch.
Morgan Page at Glow Washington DC

Morgan Page in the mix at Glow Thursdays @ Lima Lounge

If the whole DJ/remixer/producer path had not worked out what other road would you have taken?
  • Probably graphic design or photography – something artistic.
You’re latest release “In the Air” is a great track with a clubby feel and great vocals. How did this track come about?
  • I was in the studio with Sultan & Ned, and they played me this amazing instrumental they started with BT. I immediately knew that we should get Angela on the track, and that I could do something really unique with it. The track has a lot of lush, cinematic elements, and I knew that Angela’s vocals would bring a nice contrast.
morgan page lima lounge dc

Some of those rowdy DC club kids!!!

How do you decide what you’re going to play every night?
  • Most of it is on the fly – reacting to the crowd, and responding to requests. Sometimes I’ll forget to play one of my one songs and a fan will call me out and remind me!
As a two-time Grammy nominated artist you have an insider view of such a prestigious event; any crazy Grammy stories?
  • Last year was the first time I had floor seats, so I literally bumped into Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber walked by, Will Smith – countless celebrities. It was pretty surreal.
Morgan Page 2011 Interview

Morgan dropping it like it's hot!!!

I read in an article that you sing as well. You have remixed interesting characters like Yoko Ono and Madonna, anyone you would like to sing a duet with?
  • Maybe Imogen Heap?
How will you celebrate New Years? Do you get to go party or do you have to work like so many of us in the nightclub world?
  • I have to work – but I try to take some time and enjoy it. It’s hard because typically I’m headlining an event on NYE and when the Times Square ball drops I’m in the booth.
morgan page crowd at glow dc

Morgan Page is back at Lima Lounge on Saturday 9/10/11!!

DC has a reputation as an all work, no play city; having played several Glow events, what is your take on the electronic music scene in DC?
  • I’ve been really surprised by DC. I wouldn’t have imagined such a political town would have such rowdy people! But it’s always amazing when I play here.
With electronic music becoming more and more mainstream, DJs are becoming regular rock stars, yet you seem so chill. How do you stay grounded with all the fame that comes with performing around the world, being a Grammy nominated artist and being on MTV, especially living in LA?
  • I have no tattoos or fancy sports car. I reinvest everything in my studio and live performances and really just stay focused on the music and not the image. I think it just comes from my Vermont background.
Morgan Page Glow Washington DC


What do you listen to when you are at home alone doing something “normal” like laundry?
  • I’ve really gotten into Spotify lately, so I’ll put it on “What’s New” and let it shuffle around.
You get to travel all over the world, do you have time to site see or is it all work?
  • Sometimes! I’ll try to go snowboard in the Alps, or hit the beaches somewhere tropical. It’s important to actually enjoy some of the travel.
Between all the nightclubs and all the countries you get to bring your music to, which of all your tracks never fails?
  • The Longest Road is the song I’m known for, so that always does the business.
Thinking forward, when you finally do get the chance to take a break from touring, what would be your ideal one-week vacation?
  • I’d take a road trip across the U.S., hitting up all the national parks. I’ve wanted to do this for ages.

You can see Morgan at Glow Saturdays @ Fur Nightclub on 9/10/11

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