Colorado Bass Meets Dutch House


Savoy’s new single, We Are The Sun, has been getting a lot of play from electro artists worldwide. It has now been given a remix treatment from Laidback Luke.

He’s given it a bit more flow and a progressive twist, with retro piano riffs to complement Heather Bright’s vocals. Acid pads and expansive bass lines round out the buildup section as a big fat sawtooth takes over the lead. This remix is just what we’ve come to expect from Luke, and you’re definitely going to be hearing it at the club.

Grab it here:

Savoy are a high-energy electro outfit from Colorado. They’ve been heading clubs and festivals for a few years now, including an exciting 2011 gig at Fur. They tend to schedule releases track by track instead of by EP or album. While their catalog isn’t the biggest in the world, it’s a serious pound for pound contender.

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