Porter Robinson Sets Eyes on Trance

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Contributing Writer – Max Rewak

Sure, Porter Robinson is only 19 years old, but he knows a few things about the state of EDM. He’s toured America (on his own and with Tiesto); as well as the world. He’s seen the sharp difference in dance music preference from California to NY to Moscow.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he mentioned that “hyper-emotional, goosebumps-inducing, chills-inducing music” hasn’t really become popular stateside. He cited trance as a genre that’s poised to take center stage because of its euphoric, uplifting elements.

“I found that in America, if you’re into trance artists like Mat Zo and Arty, you’re kind of considered a tastemaker, cool and underground… My most recent song [“Language”] was like a full-on barrage of all emotion, all sentimentality, nostalgia sounds, and it elicited a massive response.”

Porter Robinson (Rolling Stone Interview)

The electronic scene, like almost everything else in the world, is cyclical. Fads come and go. It remains to be seen whether the current complextro explosion will maintain.

But innovation is good. Artists that challenge their listeners to keep up are doing it right. Stale is bad. As a top American talent, Porter has the unique opportunity to be one of these artists. There’s no question he’s got the skills and influence to shape trends. If he thinks trance catch on with the youth, he’s got the power to help make it happen.

What Porter Robinson has the chance to do is help the new generation of dance music fans in America connect with some of the older heads.

“It’s always better to lead than follow as an artist… I would love to be the person to bring the next sound.”

Bjorn Akesson’s remix of Spitfire, available for free download on Porter’s Spitfire Bonus Remixes release:

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